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Why Are People Drawn to Water?

by:Biuty Lash     2020-05-03
It's the rare person who does not find water fascinating. So many take pleasure in watching a rushing stream as it tumbles over rocks, splashing and gurgling, or the huge waves crashing against the shore in a storm sending up vast quantities of spray or the gentle movement of a garden water feature reflecting the light as it glides down the side of the object. Water has the capacity to be violent and destructive, as in a tsunami. Then there is no way to escape its power as it drives forward taking anything it can with it. It is persistent as a river cuts through rocks and over time gouges deep troughs through the landscape. This capacity is used to control the cuts in rocks used for buildings in places. Yet in other circumstances, water can be a peaceful, glazed surface with no apparent movement. It's only when a fish breaks the surface that the watcher realizes how calm it is. This wide variety of being is part of the interest it holds for humans even if they do not think of it in those terms. Most of the human body is made up of water and like every other living thing, without it they die. perhaps this unconscious need is part of the attraction that water has. Those needing to transport goods have used waterways for centuries because it is easier to carry goods on boats than struggle across terrain where there were either no roads or the land was too steep. Sometimes the water has been oceans and seas and special skills have been developed to learn how to deal with this surging expanse. It is hard, especially when frozen, it can support a body, yet it is soft and gentle as it is used to bath a baby. Water is a collection of paradoxes. The reflective capacity of water offers beauty. The stand of trees which grow alongside a calm canal are echoed in the mirror below them. Watercolorists are challenged by this magic and attempt to depict this delicacy with paint. Clean water is also transparent. It seems impossible for most to pass a fountain surrounded by water and not drop a coin in. Somewhere deep in the primitive past of the human this must have been a ritual, perhaps asking for protection. The water cycle is another part of the miracle of water. Dirty, used water can be cleaned by simply filtering and using oxygen and bacteria to remove the impurities. Nature does this for us most of the time but we have a certain amount of control with urban areas where water needs to be recycled quickly. Water is vital to life yet it intrigues and interests us.
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