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Who likes long eyelashes?

by:Biuty Lash     2020-04-17
Most novels describe the beauty of the hero with a sentence 'long eyelashes, please, please', which shows that the times are changing and people's pursuit of long eyelashes has never stopped. We all know that the long eyelashes may not be able to be generated naturally. If the genes are not born, they will be made by the day after tomorrow. So we scold the false eyelashes while we love it. How attractive are eyelashes? It is no exaggeration to say that some beauties are planting eyelashes continuously for a year. But there are also some minefields where eyelashes are grafted, and you need to make a detour. Don't think that the longer the eyelashes are, the better they look. The eyelashes that are too long are exaggerated. Even the mother doesn't dare to recognize your uneven eyelashes, which will make people feel very strange, you will think that you have brushed mascara and the brush is uneven. Look at how many unimaginable things women have done for beauty, and because of this, they can pass the constant test, achieve today's supernatural painless traceless RnD zero touch eyelash technology! Although there are still many straight men saying today: I really hate your false eyelashes! However, in fact, what straight men hate is only fake. Although they can't distinguish green tea, they can have fake eyelashes. . . . So today, let's take a look at the supernatural eyelash making method, and do whatever you want! First, the cute deer eye, using 6D cross natural grafting, looks like the outline of the eyeliner is aggravated, and immediately achieves the delicate effect of the beauty of the micro-makeup. Second, the charming almond eye, almond eye is the most standard beauty eye type, and a little lengthening of the end of the eye can make the already charming eye type dazzling. Three, Europe and the United States deep type, dense 6D Starlight grafting intertwined, fully show the advantages of European eyes. However, european-style double eyelid stickers are especially easy to produce false eyelashes, which also leads to excessive false eyelashes! Chang! Fake! Therefore, RnD is the best way to cover the unspeakable secrets of European eyes. See here, if you have found your favorite eyelashes, make an appointment immediately! If you haven't found it yet, make an appointment immediately! The professional consultant of the National store of RnD will provide you with professional design advice. Grafting recommendation: 6D Starlight eyelash series, hoping to achieve natural grafting effect and make-up. At the same time suitable for eyelashes short, thin, soft, effective long, thick. Looks refreshing. 6D Starlight eyelashes through 3- Four eyelashes of different lengths and extremely fine are grafted on a single eyelash. Due to the unique craft and grafting technique of 6D eyelashes, the fitting area is larger and the pressure is small, creating a sense of reality and air like the original eyelashes. Foreign scientific research teams specialize in research and development customization, the same 3- The total weight of 4 6D Starlight eyelashes is lighter than that of an ordinary single eyelash. After multi-level grafting, the position of eyelash tail tip is still light and delicate, and the moving bright eyes that can talk come from this sparkling starlight. What kind of experience does the eye talk?
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