When choosing false eyelashes, you should pay attention to the gloss, hardness, curvature, practicability and glue of false eyelashes, as long as you master them

by:Biuty Lash     2020-04-03
If you want to choose false eyelashes of good quality, you must first observe its glossiness. In general, the color is brighter and the high-quality false eyelashes look smoother. In addition, the hardness of false eyelashes is also very important. If the selected false eyelashes are made of excellent material, the eyelids will feel uncomfortable and even dazzling after they are worn on the eyes, and the effect will not be too good, it will look very fake. If you choose false eyelashes with too soft material, they will not look upright and have a bad curl after wearing them, so when choosing false eyelashes, you 'd better choose false eyelashes that are slightly harder than your true eyelashes. If you want to wear false eyelashes, they will look better, so the degree of warping is also a very important point. Generally, false eyelashes with good quality will naturally upturn, which is similar to true eyelashes, while some false eyelashes with poor quality will be relatively straight and look aesthetic. Finally, the glue of false eyelashes is also very important. If the selected false eyelashes are glued with inferior glue, it will damage the skin of the eyes and sometimes even become inflamed. As long as you have mastered these points, you can choose the false eyelashes that can be fake after you bring them.
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