Biuty Lash flourishing wholesale lashes suppliers is your first choice(Biuty Lash is a professional wholesale lashes suppliers, eyelash extensions suppliers,with 10 years experience in manufacturing strip lash.

What products has XinRong developed?
Qingdao XinRong Co., Ltd has produced many products, e.g. top eyelash extensions , which are closely related to our company. Every year we make a huge investment for their development. In order to be able to crack down on infringement, we applied for patents and certifications.

Flourishing has made it known to every family. The natural looking strip lashes series has become a hot product of XinRong. The materials of Flourishing silk strip lashes are selected carefully by the quality control department. The materials are guaranteed phthalates free and thick and durable enough for inflatable uses. XinRong is a full-service OEM partner who acts quickly and reliably. This product is not susceptible to get pilling. Special fabric surface treatment, such as singeing, has been carried out to remove the surface hair and protuberant fiber balls. At XinRong, multiple curl, length, and thickness are available

our company will continue to perform strategic innovation and promote creation. Please contact.
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