Biuty Lash flourishing wholesale lashes suppliers is your first choice(Biuty Eyelashes has 10 years of experience in the production of artificial eyelashes

What about design of permanent strip lashes by XinRong?
The design is a feature of this permanent strip lashes which provides a great experience for consumers of Qingdao XinRong Co., Ltd. There's considerable investment in it each year. Products can be customized to satisfy your requirements. The design staff will offer powerful support during the procedure.

Flourishing has been vigorously developing modern false eyelash tool industries such as eyelash isolation tool. The false eyelash tool series has become a hot product of XinRong. The product has the advantage of flammability resistance. Its fabrics have been specially treated to reduce its burning rate when there is a fire. XinRong produces as many as 30 million pairs of false eyelashes every year. This garment is very popular with customers, thanks to its stretchy and soft feel. And it is machine-washable and easy to care. Light, elastic & durable, XinRong's eyelash extensions are the best solutions to make attractive eye makeup.

Flourishing obeys the operation rule of 'three brand new': new materials, new procedures, new technology. Please contact us!
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