We can see that many girls often wear false eyelashes. False eyelashes look good with their makeup, making their eyes bigger and more magical

by:Biuty Lash     2020-02-24
Long-term sticking of false eyelashes is not only easy to cause allergy to eye irritation, but also causes shedding of eyelashes. Long-term sticking will cause redness and peeling of eyelids, causing wrinkles on the skin around the eyes, serious can also lead to blindness. In severe cases, it will cause keratitis, blepharitis and red and swollen eyes, which will not only affect the appearance but also have a very bad effect on the body. Removing makeup and removing it will loosen the eyelids. The glue used will make the eyelids allergic and cause dark skin, because the skin on the eyes is very thin and very vulnerable, and it is difficult to repair later. Maybe you are still young, but later you will find how difficult it is to return to the original skin. You can not take it down, as long as you feel comfortable sleeping, your eyes will become bigger, draw eyeliner, stick fake double tape, and your eyelashes will only be brushed, but the most important thing is to take it down, this is better for the eyes, and the glue will always hurt the eye skin. Don't pull it for a while. Don't pull it down when you take it, if you want to make your eyes beautiful, it is recommended to wear beautiful eyes or apply vitamin E capsules to the roots of eyelashes to help the development of eyelashes. Pour the eye and lip makeup remover onto the cotton swab and slide it at the root of the eyelashes to allow the makeup remover to penetrate into the false eyelashes. Then fold the cotton pad soaked in the eye and lip makeup remover in half, cover it on the eyelashes, dissolve the mascara on the false eyelashes, and separate the tight true and false eyelashes. Then slide the root with a cotton swab and pull it gently with your hand. False eyelashes will fall off naturally. Don't pull it hard! First, when taking out false eyelashes from the box, take them out gently with your fingers along the direction of eyelashes; When removing false eyelashes with makeup remover, you should also gently hold the middle part of the false eyelashes, and never pull down two or three eyelashes; Second, before using false eyelashes, you need to thoroughly clean the eyes. If there is grease in the eyes, it will affect the durability of the glue; Third, don't stick false eyelashes immediately after the root of eyelashes is glued to the glue. It often takes 5 seconds to stand still and wait until the glue is half dry before sticking to the root of eyelashes, which will be firm; Four, used false eyelashes to completely remove the adhesive above, neatly into the box; Be careful not to stick eye shadow, mascara, etc. to false eyelashes, otherwise it will stain or even destroy false eyelashes.
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