Today's theme is-- Why do grafted eyelashes always rise and fall off easily?

by:Biuty Lash     2020-02-23
The customer just finished the grafting, and soon after, the false eyelashes were almost gone, and the rest were the roots. What is the reason? First of all, we need to know that we do not have professional knowledge in this field, so we need to listen to the advice of the ciliary master, from personal temperament, face contour, eye shape, eyelash thinning, choose a beautiful ciliary material that best suits you. We consider the factors that affect the firmness of grafting in each step of the grafting process, including pretreatment, glue taking and grafting techniques. If you don't do it professionally and meticulously, it will lead to warping. ▲ Pre-treatment: the root of eyelashes is not thoroughly cleaned. If you use ordinary cotton swabs, you cannot clean the root of eyelashes. If your grafting method is very close to the root, it will easily lead to the warping of the root, therefore, it is recommended to use oblique cotton swabs. ▲ Take glue, the amount of glue taken is not enough, and the angle of glue taken is not directly affecting the firmness of the grafting eyelashes of the ciliary master. Make sure your eyelashes don't snup. ▲ Grafting technique 1. Uneven sliding glue uneven glue will lead to less glue at the root of eyelashes, which will easily lead to warping. 2, too close to the root, because the skin itself and the adhesive reaction is actually relatively weak, if the graft is too close to the root, the skin plays the role of force and friction, the oil secreted from the root of the eyelash will become the lubricant for the root warping, and it will continue to move the root of the eyelash like a coal digger. 3. Wrap the grafted false eyelashes and the true eyelashes, and the root and tip of the false eyelashes are not stuck in the same direction of the true eyelashes. 4. The curved part of the hollow grafting false eyelashes does not completely fit the true eyelashes, forming a hollow middle, and the grafting is naturally unstable, which is easy to cause warping or falling. Of course, we also need to maintain ourselves. For example, when washing your face, don't rub it with a towel. Just wash it with water. Usually, the skin care products on the face should not be applied to the eyelashes. ▲ Finally, don't pull out the grafted false eyelashes yourself, which will hurt your real eyelashes. If you want to learn the right makeup! ! ! If you want to learn to maintain your skin! ! ! If you want to be beautiful in front of everyone every day! ! ! Without further ado! ! ! Hurry up and dress up for your beauty! ! ! Well, today's knowledge sharing is here. If you want to know more about the beauty industry, you can leave a comment at the bottom of the article. Second sister will reply to you as soon as she sees it.
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