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Tips for You in the Application of Strip Eyelashes

Tips for You in the Application of Strip Eyelashes


Fake eyelashes are used to increase the length and volume of the natural eyelashes. False eyelashes are made with small synthetic fiber or human hairs. Fake lashes are usually used by people who have thin or very short natural lashes, in order to improve the overall look. Although offering a better look, false lashes can sometimes cause an allergic reaction or eyes infection if not applied or used properly.

With a goal to enhance the look and offer maximum benefits, Biuty Lash is offering false lashes that are easy to apply without causing any uncomfortable feeling. To create a unique look, false eyelashes of various styles, colors, fibers and size are also being produced.

We would like to offer some tips for you in the application of strip eyelashes.

1.    Curl

Gently curl the lashes with an eyelash curler.

2.    Soften

Soften the band of the lashes to give it a curve.

3.    Trim

If the lashes seem too wide for your eyes, adjust the width by trimming the outer corner.

4.    Adhesive

Apply a few drops of eyelash adhesive to the band and wait 5-6 seconds.

5.    Install

Apply along upper lash line, working from the outside corner of the eye inwards.

6.    Pack

Pack each side right on the end and wait for the adhesive to dry.

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