? There is no restriction in sticking false eyelashes. You can stick them on real eyelashes or choose to stick them on them. If you are a novice in makeup, it is recommended to put

by:Biuty Lash     2020-03-25
The biggest advantage of sticking false eyelashes to real eyelashes is that it is easy to operate. Apply glue to the root of false eyelashes, close one eye and find the position of real eyelashes, then gently fan the glue to kill it quickly, in this way, the false eyelashes will be pasted. The disadvantage of this is that the eyelid position is easy to leave blank, and it needs to be filled with eyeliner afterwards to see no obvious traces. In addition, false eyelashes cannot be well mixed with true eyelashes, and stratification may occur. The biggest advantage of sticking false eyelashes under true eyelashes is nature, which can make true false eyelashes perfectly mixed together without any trace, but it is especially difficult to stick false eyelashes like this, which tests makeup experience, it is not a problem for the veteran to stick false eyelashes in this way, but it is much more difficult for the novice to stick them without taking some time. It must be noted that there will be a certain degree of white space under the false eyelashes, or you need to fill the color with eyeliner, you must draw the eyeliner in advance, because it is difficult to draw eyeliner after the false eyelashes are pasted.
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