The original title: grafted eyelashes are especially easy to fall off. Is there any way not to fall off?

by:Biuty Lash     2020-03-13
The eyelashes are long and the eyelashes are short. There is always a special old age. It is clearly a sister. When she is not married, she is burst out of the mouth of some ignorant children. Some girls with short eyelashes are obviously only 18 years old, but they can look like 28. Wanting to make eyelashes longer is what many girls desire, so some people start to use false eyelashes, others start grafting eyelashes, and others use secret recipes. Different things have different results. False eyelashes are relatively convenient, but they look like a nightclub coffee when worn. False eyelashes often appear in the performance, the stage, and sometimes encounter embarrassing things such as false eyelashes. A small amount of use, more suitable for false eyelashes. The beauty of girls is also related to eyelashes. Once you don't use false eyelashes, people are beaten back to their original shape. In order to maintain beauty, charm will last longer, there is a choice of grafting eyelashes to maintain for a longer time. The maintenance of eyelashes, like facial cleanser, has become a necessity in life. Like haircut, it is done several times a month. The grafted eyelashes can be kept for a month. If it is cheap, the eyelashes will fall out, and the grafted eyelashes will soon fall out. Just like the feeling of dyeing hair and fading, choosing a cheap dye is such a result, as is grafting eyelash. Is there any way to increase eyelashes and not drop them? There are also, for example, when a girl is very young, some young parents start to work on their daughters, cut eyelashes, burn eyelashes, and grow up thinking that it will be long and dense. Some work, more are ineffective. Eyelashes are related to health. Eyelashes with good health are naturally good, and most eyelashes with weak constitution are poor. There are also some secret recipes that are smeared with ginger juice. Ginger juice is spicy for eyes, and it needs to be smeared for a long time. Those born with long eyelashes are happy in the eyes of girls with short eyelashes. In fact, with the development of biotechnology, eyelash products that can grow have come out. What is it? It is eyelash growth liquid. The principle of eyelash growth liquid is to stimulate hair follicles to grow again, which can activate sleeping hair follicles and make eyelashes change their hair. It has been used by more and more beauty lovers and is very convenient. Who can't use such products for the time being, that is, those who have just finished minor eyelid surgery and have ophthalmic diseases can only be used in the absence of diseases. In addition, this kind of eyelash growth liquid is not eye drops, it is applied to the root of eyelashes, and it cannot be used too much. It must be operated strictly according to the instructions, and the popularity has not reached the point where the full name is known, if you use too much, it will easily seep into the eyes and cause the eyes to be red. If you do not penetrate into the eyes, the redness will disappear automatically in a day or two, and it will not cause such a situation. The eyelash growth liquid stimulates the hair follicles, so it is a small amount of use, painted to the right place. 2- Three months later, eyelashes grew out. Long eyelashes were the magic weapon of the goddess of plain appearance, and these secrets were only in the hands of a small number of people. How would you choose?
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