The original title: all kinds of problems of grafting eyelash, after reading this article, you will understand all ~

by:Biuty Lash     2020-03-09
Will frequent eyelashes hurt real eyelashes? Can you still draw eye makeup after receiving eyelashes? Can I use makeup remover? . . . These questions, this article can answer you. Q1: How to find out the eyelashes suitable for yourself? First pick the eye type, then choose the length and thickness, different eyelashes, can make the eye shape show different effects, it is best to refer to the successful case before the eyelashes, pick out the shape you like, on-site communication with the ciliary division. If you have the habit of wearing glasses on weekdays, you should consider the length and curl of eyelashes in advance, so as not to cause the length of eyelashes to get stuck in the lenses, which is very embarrassing. Q2: will it hurt real eyelashes? A real eyelash only takes one false eyelash, and it is OK not to be 'overweight. The most important principle of receiving eyelashes is: a true eyelash only receives a false eyelash. In this way, the true eyelashes will not be broken due to overweight, and they cannot be directly stuck to the roots of eyelashes, leaving about 0. The distance of 5mm will not stimulate hair follicles, cause sensitivity or hinder eyelash growth. Q3: How long can it last after receiving it? It needs to be replenished once a month or so. The eyelashes are glued to the true eyelashes, so they will follow the growth cycle of the eyelashes (About two months) And fall off, fall off 3 ~ every day ~ Four are normal, usually half of them will fall after one month, and new eyelashes can be replenished. Q4: The more you pick up, the better you will see? According to the amount of original eyelashes, about 120 ~ 140 is the best. The average person is born with eyelashes of about 120 ~ About 140 (Eyes OH) Because a true eyelash can only be connected to a false eyelash, plus a softer new eyelash can not be pasted with false eyelashes, controlled within this range, the effect is the most natural. If the number exceeds, it will easily lead to the fracture of the original eyelashes, which will do more harm than good. Q5: which one should I choose for mink fur, silk protein and other materials? Either one is fine. Because mink hair belongs to animal hair and is similar to our eyelashes, the effect is more natural. The silk protein is an artificial fiber, the color will be more black, the effect will be obvious, and the makeup feeling will be heavier. However, the beauticians believe that the material of the eyelashes has little effect on the makeup effect. The most important thing is the technology of the connection. You can't just pursue the effect and overconnect, it is also not allowed to directly contact the root of eyelashes, so that it will be natural and lasting. Q6: What should I do if I lose my eyelashes? Just comb it with a eyelash comb. Usually, after sleeping and waking up, the eyelashes received will become particularly messy after rolling all night. At this time, the eyelashes can be combed one way along the eyelashes with a toothed brush to restore the original order. It should be noted that the intensity should be light so as not to comb off the eyelashes. Q7: how to draw the eye makeup after receiving eyelashes? Eye shadow can be painted as usual, and eyeliner can be omitted. In fact, after receiving eyelashes, it does not affect eye makeup, and it is good to continue the original makeup habit. However, because the eyelashes will become very thick and have the effect of invisible eyeliner, the steps of removing the inner eyeliner can be omitted, so the subsequent cleaning will be relatively simple, will not damage the fallen eyelashes. Q8: Is there a difference in the degree of curling of eyelashes? There are three kinds, 30 degrees, 50 degrees and 70 degrees. 30 degrees: the warps closest to the real eyelashes are natural and can extend the length of their eyelashes. They are suitable for girls who want long eyelashes and do not often apply makeup. 50 degrees: there is obvious Camber, which is the most popular curl, making eyes brighter and more energetic, and suitable for girls who want to have electric eye effect. 70 degrees: it is the most warped up of all types. The makeup of false eyelashes is outstanding and suitable for girls who want to exaggerate the warps or stage makeup.
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