The original title: A little knowledge of grafting eyelashes that a novice ciliary beauty teacher must know

by:Biuty Lash     2020-02-25
When many eyelash artists are helping customers to receive eyelashes, they will always encounter customers asking all kinds of questions. How can you answer them so that they can rest assured and take eyelashes with peace of mind? Answer: The process of grafting eyelashes generally does not feel pain. Grafting eyelashes only paste the artificial eyelashes onto your natural eyelashes one by one, and will not touch the eyelids or eyes. A very small number of people do not close their eyes well or are sensitive, there will be a very slight itching, but not a feeling of pain. Now many people will confuse planting eyelashes with grafting eyelashes. In fact, there is a big difference between planting eyelashes and grafting eyelashes. Planting eyelashes requires surgery, which is to implant our hair or other hair into our eyes. Compared with planting eyelashes, grafting eyelashes is safer. A real eyelash only takes one false eyelash, and it is OK not to be 'overweight. The most important principle of receiving eyelashes is: a true eyelash only receives a false eyelash. In this way, the true eyelashes will not be broken due to overweight, and they cannot be directly stuck to the roots of eyelashes, leaving about 0. The distance of 5mm will not stimulate hair follicles, cause sensitivity or hinder eyelash growth. It needs to be replenished once a month or so. The eyelashes are glued to the true eyelashes, so they will follow the growth cycle of the eyelashes (About two months) And fall off, fall off 3 ~ every day ~ Four are normal, usually half of them will fall after one month, and new eyelashes can be replenished. According to the amount of original eyelashes, about 120 ~ 140 is the best. The average person is born with eyelashes of about 120 ~ About 140 (Eyes OH) Because a true eyelash can only be connected to a false eyelash, plus a softer new eyelash can not be pasted with false eyelashes, controlled within this range, the effect is the most natural. If the number exceeds, it will easily lead to the fracture of the original eyelashes, which will do more harm than good. You can come to our store, we will use a special potion to wash off your false eyelashes, and then apply some olive oil and eyelash growth liquid to promote the growth of your own eyelashes. Just comb it with a eyelash comb. Usually, after sleeping and waking up, the eyelashes received will become particularly messy after rolling all night. At this time, the eyelashes can be combed one way along the eyelashes with a toothed brush to restore the original order. It should be noted that the intensity should be light so as not to comb off the eyelashes. In addition to answering the customer's questions, in fact, many beauticians will encounter many problems in their work. If they cannot be solved, the eyelashes made for the customer will not look good and the customer will not be satisfied. If you want to become a professional ciliary master, you must have professional ciliary knowledge and exquisite ciliary skills. If your skill is not good, you must practice it from the basic operation.
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