The Lash Effect - Why Have Eyelash Extensions?

by:Biuty Lash     2020-05-12
What is the lash effect and is it something you can have? That's what the celebrities love but now you can have this amazing and stunning new look to your eyes with the help of eyelash extensions. The eyes are the gateway to your soul - that's what they say! So why not accentuate that inner beauty by having your lashes extended to create stunningly gorgeous, lengthy and thicker eyelashes? The choices of lash extensions are to suit everyone with some people opting for just a few extra lashes and some going for the fuller look and having lots more applied. Many people now choose to not wear mascara because of the effect that the lashes have. The build up of mascara can cause irritation of the eye and can also cause the natural lashes to be damaged. The famous have been using this secret for many years but now their secret is out and we normal everyday people can now have those long and lustrous eyelashes. But why choose to have these lush and gorgeous eyelash extensions on yourself? Let this article help you by telling you a little bit about the lash extensions and what the reasons are that you should try them out. So what are they? The extensions are made from a synthetic material and are applied to the natural lash with the use of special formulated glue and can last up to four weeks if cared for properly and also dependant on the individual's normal hair growth. Why should you try them? • They come in different lengths and thicknesses to suit and can be colour matched to match your current hair shade. • You can swim, shower and sleep with them applied as they are a form of semi permanent make up. • Your beauty regime will be greatly reduced saving you time to do other things. • There is no need for any painful operations or invasive procedures. • You can go without using mascara. • They will give your eyes a fuller and more glamorous look. • Perfect for special occasions such as weddings and parties. So why not have a try yourself? You will be filled with compliments to how lovely your eyes will look and you will be saving yourself a lot of time in the long run by not having to worry about applying mascara in a hurry in the mornings and then smudging it. Good luck and enjoy your lashes.
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