Strength self-adhesive false eyelashes are customized to choose your choice. Mascara is a must for makeup. However, a large number of chemical components in mascara are extremely harmful to eyes, especially eyelashes, so

by:Biuty Lash     2020-03-08
We all know that eyelashes are a very important part of the eye and a prominent part of the official. Some people's eyelashes will be shorter, so eyelashes will become longer and denser? Teach you a simple way to increase eyelashes! In general, the longer the eyelashes are, the more dense they will be. It will make the eyes look bigger and more magical, which can enhance the charm of the whole person. So how do the eyelashes change? European and American makeup prefer feather fans to show only the sharp eyelashes on the front, but you can see very curly eyelashes on the side, blinking like feather fans, very cute. Most of the Asian makeup of feather fan eyelashes pursues the sunflower effect, that is, the long eyelashes diverging from the front fill the gap between the double eyelids and enlarge the eyes vertically. Bring your own clear and slender cute feeling, and it will look good to take photos from a large positive angle. Many girls think that the false eyelashes posted on the nightclub is their own technique, in fact, the problem is likely to appear on the false eyelashes themselves. Don't look at the small cluster of false eyelashes, there are many doorways, the shape of the hair is soft and hard, it may affect the effect, so you must pay attention to the selection. Every girl dreams of having eyelashes as long and thick as feathers described in the novel, and false eyelashes are undoubtedly a fast method. However, many fake eyelashes on the market are made, and the situation of each person's eyelids is different, resulting in a lot of girls' fake eyelashes sticking out of a thick nightclub style. False eyelashes enlarge the correct way to open your eyes! All the diagrams given above are whole! Segmented or clusters refer to the following ones. When using them, they should be pasted slightly, but naturally, and various lengths can be matched at will. The combination of the two can also be pasted, and everyone can try various methods by themselves! The correct way to open the whole vs segmented false eyelashes to enlarge both eyes! It is said that false eyelashes made of animal hair will be thinner and more natural. But it is really easy to be destroyed by glue and makeup remover, unlike chemical fiber, it can be washed repeatedly. But, some inferior chemical fiber false eyelashes will! Anti! Light! It's almost a capital low. The correct removal of false eyelashes is also the premise that false eyelashes can be reused. Beautiful girls can improve their awareness of this aspect. Use a cotton swab to dip a proper amount of eye makeup remover, and then gently rub it on the root of the false eyelashes. The technique must be as gentle as possible ~ Don't push too hard when removing eye makeup. In this way, the false eyelashes will fall off automatically after a period of time. The correct method of unloading false eyelashes, although false eyelashes can simply and roughly increase the length of eyelashes, but if you do not pay attention to it, it will also cause great harm to the glasses. After looking at the development history of eyelashes, you need to know these points to have long eyelashes! Wear it. In fact, false eyelashes are used frequently on stars, while on ordinary people, girls who like to wear heavy makeup on special occasions want their eyelashes to be long, some will choose to wear false eyelashes. Stp4 gently push eyelashes in with your fingers to make it fit tightly. Stp3 use tweezers to pick up the whole pair of false eyelashes, find the center point of the eye and stick the false eyelashes up. Stick the eye tail close to the root of the eyelashes first, and then press the inner corner of the eye. Stp2 pinch the two ends of the false eyelashes and gently push them in, let them bend properly and increase the Radian to better fit the eye shape.
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