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by:Biuty Lash     2020-04-08
1. False eyelashes are really good. I have been using them for many days and wear them every day. I don't feel comfortable with them. It's natural and not fake at all, with false eyelashes, remember to draw some eye makeup. It looks good with eyeliner and eye shadow. 2. Make up every day all the year round. False eyelashes are essential. This eyelash has high cost performance and good eyelash quality. The cotton thread stem does not wear eyes, there is no foreign body feeling at all. I am very satisfied with this shopping. I can store more next time and will continue to support it. 3. I really like eyelashes. They are of good quality and comfortable to wear. They don't prick my eyes at all. They are the most cost-effective. I like makeup, eye makeup, eye shadow and eyeliner. It looks good when matched, eye makeup eye shadow eyeliner false eyelashes are essential, and the eyes are big and magical in an instant. 4, eyelashes are brought today, colleagues thought that my grafted eyelashes are good-looking and natural, with a good eye shape in the eye shadow eyes look good, eyelashes are more natural and long, the length of the two heads before the belt is trimmed, which is quite good. It does not tie eyes. The glue sent is very sticky and similar to what I usually buy. The price is really cheap and affordable. I am satisfied. Push benefits! ! . .
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