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Professional Hair Styling Mousse Review

by:Biuty Lash     2020-05-21
Hair styling mousse was specifically created to give hair extra volume and leave it looking shiny. Mousses are typically found in a foam form and are dispensed from aerosol cans. Mousse is intended to add body while conditioning the hair. Hair mousses are purple while in the aerosol can but instantly turn white once they hit the air. They are designed to have a light weight texture so they don't leave your hair looking or feeling greasy or weighed down. Hair mousse which is also known as styling foam should be applied to hair while it is still damp so that it can easily style hair. Mousses are great for natural curls because they can eliminate frizz and leave curls looking more prominent. If styling mousse is applied before air drying hair it can make it look wet and a little crunchy just like hair gel, but it is very easy to brush out. Best results are usually seen when blow drying your hair. Some brands of hair mousse contain alcohol which should not be used on dry or damaged hair, but many contain vitamins and conditioners instead of alcohol so they help protect dry hair. Many hair mousses can even be used for sun protection to prevent color from fading or changing in the sun. There are also some temporary color mousses out there that help cover roots and hide grays. Here are some of the most favored hair styling mousses suggested by hair stylists: Got2b's Smooth Operator Smoothing Luxury Mousse is formulated to smooth frizzy, unruly hair. It has a light weight texture so it doesn't weigh your hair down and it doesn't leave a wet, greasy look. Got2b's Kinky Curl Defining Curling Mousse is specifically made for kinky hair that needs extra hold. It defines tight curls and eliminates frizz and fly-aways. This mousse is ideal for ethnic or kinky hair types. TIGI Catwalk Curlesque Lightweight Mousse has a light texture that helps smooth away frizz while leaving hair looking shiny and healthy. It was created to withstand the elements and helps keep the style in check. Nexxus Thermal Volume Volumizing Heat Protect Mousse creates extra volume and protects hair from damage caused by heat styling tools. Hair mousse should be applied to damp hair and then allowed to air dry over night or be blow dried with a diffuser. Depending on the ingredients, mousse can make hair look shinier softer and more voluminous. Figure out exactly what you want your hair to look like and then find out the properties of each hair mousse you are considering to find the one that will give you the best results. Again, some styling mousses contain alcohol which can cause dryness so avoid products that contain alcohol if you have dry or damaged hair. Make sure you apply a moisturizing formula prior to using any heat styling tools to prevent further damage.
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