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by:Biuty Lash     2020-03-18
Look at Fan Bingbing, angelababy and the comparison between wearing false eyelashes and wearing false eyelashes will show the importance of false eyelashes! In fact, for brother-in-law paper with different eye types, it is also learned to choose false eyelashes! Today, Xiao Bian uses Fan Bingbing, angelababy and Gao Yuanyuan as representatives to give everyone a scientific popularization of what is the most suitable false eyelashes for you? If you open Fan Bingbing's microblog, you will find that as long as it is a photo with makeup, there must be false eyelashes. Moreover, Fan Bingbing is a proper lover of false eyelashes. If you don't believe me, Fan Bingbing's eyes are long and her eyes are large, and her double eyelids are wide, so she often chooses a thick lengthened eye tail. The thick and lengthened eye tail will make the eyes more charming and charming when worn, showing a sexy effect. If Fan Bingbing is a sexy and domineering queen, then angelababy must have taken a lovely route. Different from Fan Bingbing's eye type, angelababy's eyes are round and the distance between upper and lower eyes is wide, so she often wears Barbie false eyelashes with 'long middle and short sides. The long Barbie in the middle is most suitable for the little girl who takes the cute girl paper route. And Barbie can widen the distance between upper and lower eyes to create lovely round eyes! Third, the false eyelashes of Fan Bingbing and angelababy are more obvious and will make the whole makeup look heavier. For girls who like fresh and nude makeup, you can learn Gao Yuanyuan! In Gao Yuanyuan's photo, you can hardly see big makeup, because she is a girl with fresh style. Therefore, when choosing false eyelashes, try to choose natural ones. Natural false eyelashes will not be so thick, which are relatively invisible when pasted on the eyes, and the effect of enlarging the eyes is not very good. It can be seen that to make a perfect makeup, eye makeup is very important, and to make a good eye makeup, eyelashes account for a large part. It is not difficult to see whether it is Fan Bingbing, baby or Gao Yuanyuan, heavy makeup or light makeup, their eye makeup is very clean. And a clean eye makeup plays an important role in false eyelashes. Because a false eyelash is equivalent to mascara, eyeliner, less mascara and eyeliner decoration will make the eyes more crisp and neat, even in hot summer, eyelashes can still keep fresh and not make up. This is the secret of keeping a good makeup look.
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