Original title: Teach you several ways to paste false eyelashes

by:Biuty Lash     2020-03-02
The pasting method of single eyelid false eyelashes teaches you several ways to paste false eyelashes. I believe many girls with single eyelids have the experience of painting eye makeup, which can make eyes look bigger and more magical. When painting eye makeup, an important part is to stick false eyelashes, which can make eyes look more magical. So how to stick false eyelashes on single eyelid? Method 1, the whole paste 1, the first is to use the eyelash curler to bend the eyelashes, if the eyelashes are not smooth or particularly hard MM should pay attention to clip several times. 2, use tweezers and other tools to take out the false eyelashes, and then use the hands to grasp the two ends of the eyelashes, gently bend 10 times. 3. According to the length of the eyes, cut out the length of false eyelashes with scissors. Note: 2-longer than eye length--3mm the most beautiful. 4. Then apply glue to the root of false eyelashes. Note: Glue should be applied to both sides of the root. 5. Gently lift the eyelid with one hand and gently stick the false eyelashes to the root of the true eyelashes. Make minor adjustments before the glue solidifies. Note: At this time, the mirror should be placed in the place where the eyes can be looked at, and the elbow should be fixed on the table. 6. In the end, use the finger abdomen to gently press the eyelashes, or use the eyebrow forceps to pinch the root of the false eyelashes until it is completely bonded. If you want a thicker effect, you can paste 2-at the same time-3 pairs. The pasting method of single eyelid false eyelashes teaches you several methods of pasting false eyelashes. 2. Partial pasting. This method divides false eyelashes into two sections, paste these two sections on the rear eye ends of the two eyes respectively, and place the side with longer eyelashes near the outer corner of the eye, which has the effect of lengthening the eyes and is suitable for MM with small and round eyes. Method 3, single paste, cut the false eyelashes into a pinch with scissors, and use tweezers to stick them at intervals along the eyelash roots, this kind of sticking method can not only make the upper eyelashes as if they were born, but also save the short and sparse lower eyelashes. The above is a few methods of pasting false eyelashes introduced by Xiaobian. You can choose to paste false eyelashes according to your own needs and preferences. For girls with single eyelids, sticking false eyelashes is one of the better ways to present big eyes, so you can try to do it.
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