Original title: New Zealand Navy: male soldiers can make up, apply nail polish and wear false eyelashes

by:Biuty Lash     2020-04-12
According to the British 'Daily Mail' reported on October 20, the New Zealand Defense Force revised the personal hygiene and appearance of naval soldiers, including men, and the new regulations will take effect from November 1. According to reports, from November 1, all New Zealand Navy soldiers will be able to wear light makeup, paint nails with transparent and light-colored nail polish, and wear false eyelashes. In addition, they will be allowed to use perfume and cologne, keep braids and even dye their hair, but they should not dye them in five colors. In addition, as before, you should not hit your ears and keep strange hairstyles. The New Zealand Defense Force said that this newly released military dress guide will be dedicated to improving the image of the New Zealand Royal Navy, allowing the New Zealand Royal Navy to appear in front of the New Zealand people with a 'more inclusive' image. David, Rear Admiral Fleet of New Zealand Royal Navy? Proctor said that the military leadership proposed such innovations to show that there is no difference between men and women in terms of personal hygiene and appearance, this move can also highlight the unique tradition of the New Zealand Royal Navy, which is diverse and inclusive.
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