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Original title: Introduction to FDA certification registration of false eyelashes

by:Biuty Lash     2020-04-14
False eyelashes FDA certification registration introduction, the article is a summary of the release, for more information, you can contact us at the bottom of the article cosmetics FDA registered customers to provide what information? Information required for FDA registration of cosmetics. As we all know, if cosmetics go to the United States, it is necessary to register with FDA first. Otherwise, the old beautiful customs can't get in. So, what information do domestic enterprises need to provide when applying for FDA registration? 1. Company Basic information: Establishment Name Company Name: Kind of Business Business type: manufacturer manufacturer (), Packer packer ()BOTH are () Name of Parent Company (if any)Parent company famous car (Optional) Address Postal code Zip code: Phone Number Phone Number: Enter Other Business Trading Names Other Business Names: Authorized individual Authorized staff name: TITLE: TITLE Owner Business Owner (), President Chairman ()Manager manager () Phone number: phone number: EMAIL: EMAIL 2, product information name of raw materials, supplier and other information brand of cosmetics: chemical name of ingredient 01 (Try to use the INCI name) : 9-digit CAS Number of ingredient 01, or 9-digit FDA-arranged RD number. ( If you really can't find these numbers, you can leave them blank. ) * Optional: CPCS number of component 01 ( Note: Only ingredient 01 is a basic formula and has been registered by FDA and obtained CPCS number, then fill it here, otherwise it does not need to be filled in) * Optional, if ingredient 01 is a new ingredient, it has not been included by international agencies before, there is no INCI name, no number arranged by FDA, then, please list the trademark of component 01 here: Optional. If the trademark name of component 01 is filled in, please fill in the supplier name here: component 02 is the same as above. Responsible editor:
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