Original title: how to use false eyelashes teaches you detailed steps to use false eyelashes

by:Biuty Lash     2020-03-20
False eyelashes have now become an essential part of the makeup process, and many celebrities and those exquisite large eye cosmetics are using this product. High gloss powder cake is a kind of makeup product, which can modify facial features, brighten some parts, increase the gloss of makeup and enhance the contour of face. Concealer can be seen as a foundation. The difference is that Concealer has better hiding power than ordinary Foundation, and is more suitable for skin, lasting and not easy to take off makeup. Everyone's face will have such and such flaws. Using concealer can make your face smooth and meticulous. There are usually three types of concealer: liquid, paste and strip. If you have never used false eyelashes before, you may need to practice it a few more times until you get the hang of it. How do beginners stick false eyelashes? ? The following is a brief introduction to the application steps of false eyelashes. Make up before applying false eyelashes, which can make the process simpler and avoid a lot of unnecessary troubles. If you put on eyelashes and make up again, it will weaken the viscosity of the glue, which is easy to fall off in the process. Step 1, measurement, because each person's eyelid width is slightly different, it is best to measure it first, and then stick false eyelashes. The method is as follows: lower your head, look at the mirror, look at your nose and open yours. . . Eyes. Compare your eyelashes with your eyelids. When measuring eyelid width with eyelashes, do not blink, as this may affect the accuracy of your measurement. The whole is a little longer than your eyes, and you cut off the extra part. STEP2, glue apply some glue to the bottom of false eyelashes with a toothpick or eye shadow brush. The exercise will help you understand how much is the correct amount of glue. Step 3, paste for 10 to 20 seconds, if the glue is slightly condensed, then the most viscous glue. If one applies glue, you will find that the eyelash slides around are a little sticky. False eyelash tweezers as close to eyelashes as possible. The first intermediate adhesive, then the outer corner of the eye is glued, and the last inner corner. To remove false eyelashes, peel the false eyelashes from the outer corner to the inner corner. If it is difficult to tear it off, you can apply some makeup remover.
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