Original title: How to choose false eyelashes suitable for yourself?

by:Biuty Lash     2020-03-15
There are many kinds of false eyelashes on the market, including natural, curly, long, cross, thick and so on. 1. If your eyes are long-eyed and you want them to look round and lovely, it is suitable to choose a style with a longer middle. Or trim the sides of the false eyelashes a little shorter to highlight the eyelashes in the middle of the eyes. 3. It is a little difficult for single eyelid beauties to wear false eyelashes. You can choose false eyelashes with hard stems to support them. 4. Pay special attention to the eye head part, be sure to shorten it, do not put false eyelashes close to the eye head. Cotton Stalk :(Commonly used in photo studios) Advantages, stem is very soft, most people apply, cheap, disadvantages, no support, easy deformation, can only be used once, unnatural. Transparent stem: advantages: the stem is very soft but has Radian, fits the eyes, has many styles, is very natural and can be reused. Support is not enough, single eyelid can not support double eyelids. Black glue stem, supporting force is enough, single use can support double eyelids, can be reused to close eyes looks unnatural.
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