Original title: false eyelashes industry, began to internet

by:Biuty Lash     2020-04-16
The eyelash industry under the hair economy is moving towards internet. Men are busy with hair growth and hair care, women are busy with hair removal and prevention, but there is still a place on the human body. Its hair is very small but very important, and the maintenance cost is not low, that is, eyelashes. A small shop for nail beauty, if it stabilizes 100 long-term customers and plants eyelashes once a month, it will ensure nearly 100,000 running water, not including their other impulsive consumption. High-quality false eyelashes are considered according to the shape of our body's own eyelashes, so it is more like real eyelashes, creating a nude makeup effect perfectly. Moreover, it is more comfortable to stick it on the eyes, and there will be no phenomenon that it falls halfway and does not match the outline of its own eyelashes. Instead, it will blend together without trace, achieving the effect of false and true, especially suitable for daily makeup. Eyelash profit gap is large, consumers do not know, and eyelashes are a product with a large profit margin gap, because the variety of false eyelashes is too wide. From the style, there are hair, hair, dense, etc. , from the material, there are mink hair, chemical fiber, horse hair, etc. If it is made into different lengths, root numbers, camber and color, the types will be difficult to count. In addition to different materials and different effects, pure hand-made false eyelashes are more natural, and the manual weaving process can produce false eyelashes with high fidelity no matter what kind of materials are used, it can even achieve the effect of false and true. False eyelashes are more dense and natural, suitable for women who want to create nude makeup effect. Those eyelashes with a purchase price of tens of yuan may also generate a profit of up to a hundred times in the process of technicians one by one to the root of the customer's eyelashes. It is reasonable to price a hundred yuan, pricing thousands of yuan is not impossible. Although the craft of false eyelashes is tedious, it does not have much technical threshold. Their process and craft are all public secrets in the industry, the real price difference is hidden in the 'last kilometer' between the store and the customer. The biggest impact on consumers is the trend and eye aesthetics at home and abroad. Having a 'big eyes' that is the same as the popular female star is the biggest motivation for girls to continue consumption. Japanese and korean makeup is more popular, and chinese people do not love thick eyelashes. For example, in the past two years, japanese and korean makeup has become popular in china. Short and sparse eyelashes look natural and are very popular in the market. However, women in Europe and the United States prefer thick, long and dense pairs of hair, and have a great demand for colored eyelashes such as yellow, green and purple. However, with the continuous popularity of Taobao live broadcast, TikTok and fast-moving, many offline store owners have already attracted more young girls to place orders online through live broadcast of fission fans, buy exquisite high-grade eyelashes at a more favorable price. The younger generation of consumers have gradually shifted to the online, and the model of 'online shopping, offline payment of service fees' has begun to spread, threatening the survival of many small shops, and the era of profiteering is disappearing. However, for the owners of specialized stores, this may be an opportunity for eye consumption upgrade. The consumption proportion of eye beauty care is increasing day by day, and consumers are more and more willing to pay more energy and money for the eyes. The sales mode of matching eye eyelashes and eye care, online live consumption, the new game of 'Big Eyes' for offline eye maintenance is expected to become a new growth point for stores.
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