Original title: False eyelashes cause true eyelashes to fall off?

by:Biuty Lash     2020-04-07
Wearing false eyelashes can cause true eyelashes to fall off and even cause eyelid relaxation? In fact, this is a misunderstanding. Focus on wearing and removing makeup skills. When sticking false eyelashes, although it should be close to the real eyeliner, do not stick to the real eyelashes, so as to avoid falling off the real eyelashes. When removing makeup, the best way is to use a similar way to remove mascara, that is, to take eye makeup remover with makeup remover wet tissue or cotton piece, and then press it on the eye for 1 minute, then slowly remove false eyelashes and eye makeup from top to bottom. Be careful not to pull down the false eyelashes with your hands, which will not pull the skin and cause the eyelids to relax. Small reminder: When removing makeup, do not rub eyelashes left and right, because this will cause true eyelashes to fall off. After removing false eyelashes, you can rub eye cream and eyelash special essence to make eyelashes stronger. False eyelashes are well stored, and false eyelashes of good quality can be reused after cleaning, so they should be cleaned up and stored after use. To clean up false eyelashes, you can use cotton swabs to dip makeup remover, then clean up along the skeleton, and then clean up along the eyelashes. False eyelashes are best not to rinse with detergent and water, so as not to damage the toughness of eyelashes. False eyelashes should be put back in the original box to prevent damage.
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