Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to their appearance. There are more and more people who love beauty, and there are many ways to love beauty. Sticking false eyelashes is one of them, then you know the list

by:Biuty Lash     2020-03-07
How to stick false eyelashes on single eyelid 1. First of all, remove the residual glue on eyelashes. 2. Compare the length from 1cm from the eye head. 3. Then cut off the extra parts and cut off the tail as you remember. 4. Apply eyelash glue evenly after the eyelash stem is soft, ps: dry for 15 seconds before sticking. 5, from the end of the eye to fix, and then slowly stick to the eye, ps: before sticking the false eyelashes, remember to use the eyelash curler to tilt the real eyelash curler! 6. Gently press the eyelashes to the root of the eyes to ensure that the eyelashes are completely fixed. 7. Use local eyelash curler to strengthen the compliance of true and false eyelashes. 8. After pasting, eyeliner can be used to strengthen the filling of eyelash gap. 9. If you want the true false eyelashes to snuggle together completely, remember to brush another layer of mascara to fix it. What effect can false eyelashes bring? 1. Enlarge eyes. First of all, false eyelashes must choose the one that suits your eye type to successfully enlarge your eyes. The simplest choice: determine the length of false eyelashes according to the width of your double eyelids, that is to say, the wider the eyelids, the longer the false eyelashes can be, so as to increase the visual size of your double eyelids, thereby increasing the effect of eye tension. 2, change the eye type. The reason is that the selected stem is the false eyelashes of the black cotton thread, which has the effect of lengthening the eyes. With the upper and lower eyeliner, the eyelash eyeliner is integrated into one, which is false and true, and corrects the imperfect eye shape. Moreover, false eyelashes can cover up the shadow and darkness of the upper eyelid and improve the stereoscopic impression of the eyes.
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