Nine Simple, Sexy Secrets for Summer

by:Biuty Lash     2020-05-01
When you feel good inside it shows and you glow and everybody sees it. Here are a few Sexy Secrets to bring an inner glow to the outer you. Incorporate these simple Sexy Secrets and your body feel good, your energy vibration will rise, and you'll be glowing with confidence and sex appeal! 9. Before anything else goes into your body in the morning, drink a glass of water! No excuses! Keep it by your bed for first thing if you must. It helps the body release the toxins it was working to clean up while you were sleeping. It also helps wake up your body and organs and gets them ready and energized for your day. Bonus - add lemon to help alkalize your body. 8. Get more Zzzzz's! A lack of sleep raises cortisol levels (and connected to belly fat). Wind down before you hit the sheets with a bath, stretching, warm tea, reading. Put down your phone and shut off the computer at least an hour before bed! You'll feel more rested and wake up with a healthy glow (and no bags under your eyes)! 7. Get your inner energy flowing. Move your body! Find exercise that is fun. Walk during a lunch break, take Zumba with a friend, bounce on a trampoline (gets your blood circulating!), stretch while watching the tube, dance in your kitchen for a song or three! 6. Go green! Veggies that is. Greens like kale and mixed salad greens (the darker the more goodness) help your blood circulate and naturally detox your organs. Greens are packed with vitamins, minerals, and other goodness that helps regulate blood sugar, thwart illness, and may prevent cancer. Give your body the right tools and it will do what it knows to do naturally. 5. Be still. In stillness you connect with inner peace. It's not outside of you, it's within. In this day and age we're constantly bombarded with technology - email, text, Facebook, TV. No wonder we're feeling stressed, distracted and overwhelmed. Take time out every day to consciously and purposefully be still. Connect with your heart, listen to your breath, feel yourself grounded to the earth. 4. Breathe! Breathing happens naturally, but also often times people hold their breath. Holding your breath will cause the body to go into stress mode. Take deep breathes (do this now) through your nose and down into your belly. Allow your belly to expand, feel your lungs expand, and gently release. Feel your body relax too! 3. Ladies, take your makeup off every night! Your skin is the biggest organ of your body. At night your body detoxifies and by taking off your make up you give your skin optimal opportunity to rejuvenate itself (glow and look good too!). 3a. Men, clean yourself up! Trim hairs where they're not meant to be. Keep facial hair trimmed. Cut your nails (don't bite them). Clean out your ears! Ladies are turned off and distracted when nose hairs staring back at them or when facial hair hurts while kissing. 2. Adopt a positive mental attitude. Eliminate negative talk, gossip, complaining. Do this for 21 straight days. Slip up? That's okay - start over. You create your reality by what you speak and think. Watch as life shifts when you focus more on the positive! 1. Talk nicely to yourself. How you feel about you is an energy. People around you sense that energy. No matter what front you put on, it's the energy people pick up on. Radical Self-Love is talking to yourself as you would your BFF.
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