Many people want to make their eyes look bigger. In addition to the eye line, thick and long eyelashes are also very important. Our own eyelash conditions are not good

by:Biuty Lash     2020-02-19
Both are OK. However, most of them will be attached to the real eyelashes because the operation is relatively simple. False eyelashes (False eyelashes tutorial) Whether it is attached to the top or bottom of the real eyelashes, I think the two methods are both possible and have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you have a novice MM who doesn't usually stick false eyelashes, it is better to start trying to stick false eyelashes or stick false eyelashes on real eyelashes, because the operation is relatively simple. The advantages and disadvantages of the false eyelashes on the above: the false eyelashes are above the true and false hairs: disadvantages: it is easy to leave white, but it is OK to use the eyeliner to fill the white space, and the true eyelashes will be easy to layer with the false eyelashes. Advantages: easy to operate. The advantages and disadvantages of false eyelashes attached to the following: False eyelashes are located below the true and false hairs: advantages: the feeling after pasting is very natural and realistic, and the fusion with true eyelashes is better. Disadvantages: compared with the method of sticking false eyelashes above true eyelashes, it is difficult to operate. Due to personal habits, I always like to paint the eyeliner after pasting the eyelashes, but this time the position of the false eyelashes is stuck under the real eyelashes, so there is basically no white space, and the eyeliner can't be painted. Therefore, we must first draw eyeliner and then stick eyelashes, otherwise eyeliner is difficult to mend. Supplies required for sticking fake eyebrows 1. Fake eyebrows _ Piccasso eyeme 36; 2, fake eyebrow glue; 3, tweezers (Special tweezers are better) Fake eyebrows with such a cross look are not recommended ~ In general, shops on the streets sell almost all such fake eyebrows, which are unnatural and fake. Such a natural fake eyebrow is very natural, and if you choose natural brown products, it will be more natural. Step 1: then start posting it! Good eyelashes with tweezers, cut off with scissors on both sides that are not needed, and it is more convenient to see them with small ones. Step 2: apply the black part on the eyelash root to the two sides where the glue is easy to fall off! Wait for the eyelashes to change from blue to transparent. (About 10-15 seconds, don't wait until it is completely transparent) Step 3: apply false eyelashes on the basis of eye makeup such as eye shadow-false eyelashes-eyeliner-mascara. Use tweezers and hands to take the two sides and bend them according to the appearance of the eyes. The front of the eyes begins to be carefully pasted! Step 4: this will feel a little empty in the middle ~ Then, with the empty middle part, like my own eyelashes and false eyelashes, I pressed them with the feeling of pressing them by hand. I pasted false eyelashes on the hair roots of my eyelashes and sorted them out. Step 5: After pasting, you will find the space between your eyelashes and false eyelashes! Then this space is filled with eyeliner. (Need to use a thin eyeliner) In fact, this process will not be very conspicuous. If you look at it in the distance, you can't see it at all, so you can omit it. If you want to perfectly stick the false eyelashes, you can do this ~ Step 6: This will naturally complete the eyelash sticking. This is because the photo is very close, I feel a little fake, but looking at false eyelashes in the distance is like my eyelashes! If you don't add makeup after pasting the false eyelashes, take the false eyelashes when removing makeup. This false eyelashes can 'with a long time. Step 7: the friend who wants to make up will take the eyelash curler and gently apply mascara after the clip! Don't paint it very hard, so it seems that the eyes are a bit unnatural. This completes our process of sticking false eyelashes! Eye shadow-eyeliner-mascara is not all ways to apply eye makeup! Only by pasting false eyelashes can you say that you have made up your eyes, but there is a big difference between pasting and not pasting. Before pasting false eyelashes, you need to prepare false eyelashes and glue, and draw eyeliner so that you can start pasting false eyelashes. The technique of sticking the upper eyelashes of false eyelashes 1. The stem part of false eyelashes is two sides, with a layer of glue applied to the upper and lower sides, so that the eyelashes will not be too warped or collapsed after loading. 2. If there is no excessive collapse or warping of eyelashes at ordinary times, it is good to apply glue according to the usual habit. 3, pay attention to the white glue on the eyelids to be disposable, once the glue is attached to the skin, then pick it up and want to re-paste it will not be invisible, if you are not sure you can choose black glue, adjust the curl before it dries. 4. If the glue is applied more after the glue is dried, there will be white marks as seen in the picture. Just use a curved brush to mend the eyeliner outside the eye. It should be noted that do not use the eyeliner pen to fill the outer eyeliner, the eyeliner has fluidity, the transparent stem can not hang, but will make the false eyelashes more obvious. 5. It is still necessary to distinguish the positive and negative sides of false eyelashes. The lower eyelash is different from the upper eyelash. It is pulled downward, so the monthly bonus water can only be applied to the front. 6, in the lower eyelashes, do not need to follow the method of upper eyelashes, do not need to wait until the glue half dry, directly can be pasted. Light makeup can't apply eyeliner, so it needs to be done at one time. The lower eyelashes are automatically attached downward. After positioning, it can be invisible when it is half dry, which is much simpler than pasting eyelashes. Step 1: first, complete the makeup steps of eye shadow and eyeliner. Step 2: Before wearing false eyelashes, curl your eyelash curler with the eyelash curler. In order to avoid showing two layers after wearing false eyelashes. Step 3: After the eyelash curler is completed, apply mascara to make the eyelashes set. Step 4: before attaching false eyelashes, first determine the length of false eyelashes, and use tweezers to hold the false eyelashes and compare them with the upper part of the eyelashes. Step 5: then cut off the false eyelashes growing from the end of the eye with scissors. Step 6: Bend the false eyelashes into an arc before pasting the false eyelashes, so that the false eyelashes can be more comfortable with the eyes after pasting. Step 7: Then apply glue, and apply more on both ends of eyelashes to avoid cocking after sticking. Step 8: The picture shows the effect of sticking false eyelashes, is it natural!
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