Longer Lashes Naturally - Get Them Now

by:Biuty Lash     2020-05-16
For centuries women have used all kinds of methods to obtain longer lashes, from false lashes, mascara and even lash extensions. Most use harsh chemicals and glue that dry out lashes causing breakage and defeat the original purpose of longer looking eye lashes. The dictionary defines: 'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder' as - what may be ugly to one person may be beautiful to another, because beauty is purely subjective. Each person has a different idea of what is beautiful. Yet no one will disagree that beautiful eyes provide a focal point to a beautiful face. Longer eyelashes help frame the eye and enhance a woman's natural beauty.While eyelashes serve a beauty function when they are enhanced, our body requires them to protect the delicate eye from debris and dirt. Eyelashes take about seven to eight weeks to grow back if they are pulled out completely by force or illness. Yet growth stimulators have proven to improve that growth cycle. All human hairs go through three stages during their growth and development: Active (growing), Transition (no longer growing) and Resting Phase (fall-out). A French beauty company has recently developed a newer more effective natural eye lash growth serum. Formulated with ingredients known to be highly effective at stimulating eye lash conditioning and growth. These ingredients work together to nourish and provide moisture to the lashes, capitalizing on their growth potential. Hyaluronic Acid ProVitamin B5 Biotin Pumpkin Seed Allantoin All proven, effective ingredients known for their hair growth properties. Some lash products have been clinically tested by independent laboratories and proven to show results including: 55% increase in lash length after using for 4 weeks Some testers experienced 82% increase in lash length While results are not permanent, same as with the prescription version, with continued usage one will maintain the appearance of new longer lashes when used 2-3 times or more weekly after the initial 4-8 weeks of usage. As a discerning consumer you should always select cosmetic products with your eye safety top of mind. for example: Try a product that has invested in clinical results to ensure your eye safety. Safe enough for even the most sensitive eyes. Safer for lashes than lash extensions and messy glues. Be gentle to your eyes, use safe a natural lash growth serum and conditioner. Whether you want to grow longer, fuller darker lashes for a special occasion like your wedding, a night on the town or just plain 'because' - Remember having fuller, longer eye lashes never goes out of style!
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