Long eyelashes will make your eyes more attractive, but some people's eyelashes are not so thick, but only delicate false eyelashes can be used. Here are the following

by:Biuty Lash     2020-03-05
Step 1: First take out the false eyelashes, hold the two ends of the eyelashes with the finger belly of the finger, and gently bend to the middle to make the false eyelashes softer and easier to paste. Step 2: then stick the false eyelashes, apply the adhesive first, measure the length of the eyes before applying, and trim the false eyelashes with scissors if it is too long. Then use tweezers to hold the false eyelashes and carefully apply the adhesive, because the false eyelashes are very thin, so use tweezers to hold them. Step 3: After applying the adhesive, do not stick it to the root of the eyelid immediately. Use your mouth to aim at the false eyelashes and blow it gently until it is half dry. Step 4: When pasting, the eyes should look down, align the false eyelashes with the central edge of the eyelashes, and then use the method of gently pressing to paste the false eyelashes firmly. Step 5: then press and paste the false eyelashes with tweezers to make the false eyelashes firmer, and then use your fingers to do the final press to make the adhesive more docile.
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