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Lashes business is affected by2019–20 China Pneumonia Outbreak

Lashes business is affected by2019–20 China Pneumonia Outbreak


An outbreak of a pneumonia illness that started in China, my country, has put health authorities on high alert around the world. It’s got a lots of cities to be locked off, restricted travel in many cities, caused airlines to cancel flights to and from China and has disrupted most of Chinese business even global business.

  As a Chinese, I’m so proud of the overall responses of my country to the outbreak. After an extended Lunar New Year holiday break, the country’s financial markets reopened on Feb. 3. Beijing and Shanghai returned to work on Feb. 10, while officials in Hubei asked firms not to return to work before March 11.

In front of the deadly epidemic, our company is doing the best to handle the risk and ensure the customers’ satisfaction. We have a small number of workers back to the factory to respond to the call of our government. We hope our customers could work together with us to overcome it. Give us trust and enough time to before we ship out your goods. Please accept my apology if there is any delay caused by the outbreak.

  The customers’ satisfaction always come in the first place in the outbreak and the bellowing is a Satisfaction Survey. If you are one of our company’s customer, please help fill it.




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