It is the nature of girls to love beauty, especially female stars. Even if they are busy at work, they are also beautiful in our sight. However, I often walk by the river

by:Biuty Lash     2020-04-20
1: Zhang Ziyi, at the premiere of 'Grandmaster', Zhang Ziyi's false eyelashes were lost in half to the extent visible to the naked eye. Later, Zhang Ziyi tilted directly, which made Zhang Ziyi very embarrassed. 2: Jin Qiaoqiao is also a star who is miserable by false eyelashes. What is more embarrassing than Zhang Ziyi is that her false eyelashes are not only stronger than Zhang Ziyi, but she has not felt it yet, probably in her heart with such beautiful makeup, the photos taken must also be beautiful. 3: Zhang Liangying singer always closes her eyes affectionately when singing, but as a female singer, it is embarrassing for you to be so affectionate with false eyelashes, and it will be exposed as soon as you close your eyes! Shouldn't eyelashes be all a beautiful arc? But why does Zhang Liangying have a curved place? Is this the latest fashion -? -Caterpillar eyelashes? 4: Zhang Shaohan, although Zhang Shaohan, who used false eyelashes, looks beautiful, but when she opened her eyes desperately, she knew that the false eyelashes she used were also uncomfortable, I feel that her eyes are almost hard to open. 5: gulinazha, Nazha's aesthetic has always been very good, the body temperament is even better to say nothing, the quiet and noble temperament needed to endorse jewelry she is very good. Near the lens, Na's eyelashes are like this, black and long, and they are the kind that grow to scare people. In order to be more visible to netizens, such fake eyelashes, this mascara has to finish a box. 6: Xu Xiyuan's Big S, which has always been pursuing perfection, has also failed to escape the critical strike brought to her by false eyelashes. At most, people are too heavy and unnatural or just don't stick up well, the false eyelashes of big S are really almost falling off, leaving only a little sticky eyelids. 7: Zhang Tian, in the 'singer' program, Zhang Tian went out of office and cried wildly outside the stadium because he sang out of tune. Jessie J passed by and found that she hurried to comfort her. It may be that Zhang Tian's false eyelashes faded, and Zhang Tian's false eyelashes were torn off at random, making netizens laugh and saying: 'Zhang Tian is still recording the program, but also don't want to face '. 8: when zhang meng took part in the game of '24 hours', because she fought too hard, she actually removed the false eyelashes directly. Later, she found the eyelashes for zhang meng, the naughty 'three stone younger brother' wu lei was even more joking to present his eyelashes for zhang meng. The original fierce confrontation was once interrupted.
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