In addition to the selection according to the hair and stem of false eyelashes, its style type is also one of the key points of our selection. Our common false eyelash styles

by:Biuty Lash     2020-04-06
1. The linear and linear false eyelashes are designed according to the characteristics of our own eyelashes. They are comfortable and natural, and the length and curling degree will not be exaggerated, it can be perfectly combined with our own eyelashes to create a natural makeup effect with distinct roots. Tips: Our daily makeup is to pursue natural nude makeup, so straight false eyelashes are more suitable for daily makeup, which is similar to our eyelashes, it can invisibly encrypt our eyelashes after wearing them, making our eyes look bright but not abrupt. 2. The cross-shaped false eyelashes are opposite to the straight-shaped false eyelashes. The cross-shaped false eyelashes are thick and long, and the lengths between eyelashes are well-proportioned. When wearing them, the makeup has a strong stereoscopic impression, which can create a thick and rich eyelash effect, atmospheric suction sunny. As long as the root is not too curly, it will produce too thick and dense visual sense. Tips: thick false eyelashes are very suitable for wearing at parties or dances. Under dim light, they show the effect of three-dimensional big eyes, making eyelashes long and thick, it seems that the eyes are more profound and charming. 3. The dense type is made of clusters of false eyelashes in series. Its fiber length, curl degree and density are much longer and deeper than the above two types of false eyelashes, the material is relatively thicker and harder, which can support our eyelids to create a dense staggered effect at the root of eyelashes. Tips: because the thick false eyelashes are thicker and more warped, they visually seem to have a strong feeling of CrissCross, which can cover up the original eyelashes and make our eyes clearer, make it look sexy and charming, which is very suitable for creating exquisite and wild European and American makeup. 1, false eyelashes are easier to let eyelashes fall off, fall off quickly, not easy to make up, only often wear false eyelashes. 2. Eyelid sensitivity becomes dull and sand is easy to enter. Can you rub your eyes well with false eyelashes. 3, cause eye inflammation, long-term wear false eyelashes, may affect the cleanliness of their eyelashes. There are many sweat glands and sebaceous glands at the root of eyelashes. If you wear false eyelashes for a long time, the sweat pores will be blocked by false eyelashes for a long time, which will easily affect the perspiration of pores. If the false eyelashes themselves are not clean, it is easier to plug the pores, and it may also make the hair follicles infected, resulting in folliculitis and even suppurative folliculitis. 1. The quality of glue is better: the quality of false eyelash glue is the key. Glue is to stick false eyelashes directly to the root of eyelashes. If the quality of glue is poor, it will directly block hair follicles and cause allergic infection. 2. Eyes should be clean: eyes should be kept clean. Cosmetics, including glue applied to false eyelashes, cannot be put into eyes. Once eyes are put, rinse them with plenty of clear water. If there is still a reaction after that, need to go to the hospital immediately! 3, makeup remover is exquisite: every night when removing makeup, use cotton swabs to remove makeup oil, wipe on the root of false eyelashes, the technique must be gentle and not too hard, the eyelashes will fall off automatically after a while. Don't pull it off directly in order to save time. It is easy to tear the eyelids and cause eye infection. And the eyelids will relax after a long time! 4. Pay attention to nutrition and exercise: More importantly, pay attention to nutrition supplement and physical exercise to improve the body's resistance. The body is very good to avoid bacterial infection. 5, local hot compress: every night after removing makeup before going to bed, the eyes can be hot for 15 minutes, promote blood circulation and metabolism, relieve eye fatigue, enhance eye resistance. 1. First of all, the tool we need to use is cotton swabs, mainly using cotton swabs to remove makeup oil and rub it on the root of false eyelashes. The technique must be gentle and not too hard. 2. In fact, we quietly wait for a while and the eyelashes will fall off. The main reason is not to worry. Don't pull it down directly to save time. As long as you pull it, you will feel pain. The eyelids will definitely relax after a long time. 3. When the eyelashes are pulled down, we need to take a clean cotton pad, pour it on the cotton pad with cleansing oil and apply it to the eyes. Remember to close your eyes, otherwise you will hurt your eyes, after applying for 5 seconds, take the cotton pad and gently bring it outward. You can also directly brush the false eyelash remover at the root of the eyelash, if necessary, you can brush it twice. 4. After waiting for more than ten seconds, gently pull down the eyelashes and wipe the false eyelashes on the paper towel while the glue is melted. Probably this step is perfect.
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