I dare not change the color arbitrarily, and I think the eye makeup is too constant. The simplest way is to strengthen the sense of change by eyelashes! Except the most

by:Biuty Lash     2020-03-19
First render your own eyelashes STEP1 'after the eyelash curler is tilted, use the Z-shape to brush out the upper eyelashes, in order to increase the upper eyelashes. STEP2 'after brushing, wait for the mascara to dry 8 minutes, and use the eyelash curler again to raise the eyelash curler to strengthen the feeling of blooming round eyes. STEP3 'Brush Mascara again in a vertical way to fix, especially to strengthen the eye segment, so that the eye looks more round. STEP4 'after carefully brushing the lower eyelashes, use the eyelash scalder to press down from the root to make the lower eyelashes look longer.
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