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How to get mega volume lash extensions quotation?
There are different quotations for volume lash extensions provided by Qingdao XinRong Co., Ltd. Customers can get a quotation from us through email. It will contain the product model, size, product description, quantity, unit price, package fee, freight, insurance, and other information. The quotation is prepared mainly in English, and if the customers require one in a different language, please contact us to provide the template. Please keep our quotation in secret to protect our business, or we will retain the right to sue any behaviors damaging our interests.

As a rising star in best strip lashes industry, Flourishing has received more and more praises until now. The natural looking eyelash extensions series has become a hot product of XinRong. Each Flourishing false eyelash tool is originally created and precisely measured by a team of experienced and trained employees– with respect to the wood sizes of the customer's requirements. Being fashion-forward, XinRong's products are appreciated by stylists and fashionistas. This product features good moisture wicking. Through ventilation, it provides heat and moisture management to repel sweat away and create a cool and breathable feeling. XinRong offers full support in developing high-quality eyelash products under your private label.

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