How To Apply Eyeshadow For Beginners

by:Biuty Lash     2020-05-10
Most women are generally quite adapt at applying makeup even with all the different brands and types of makeup currently available. Yet when it comes to eyeshadow, many younger women find it difficult at first for a variety of reasons. In this post we will share some helpful tips on how to apply eyeshadow which will make this task much easier for beginners. Tip #1: Consider Your Eye Color When learning how to apply eyeshadow one of the first lesson is to never choose colors that contrast with your natural eye color. So if you have eyes that are a bright blue and you decide on a darker eyeshadow the effect is going to dim your natural eye color. The trick here is to select eyeshadow colors that will compliment your natural eye color. For example a light blue eyeshadow to go with blue eyes and a dark color tone for darker colored eyes. Tip #2: Consider Your Skin Tone Another important tip when learning how to apply eyeshadow is to consider the tone of your skin. Women with dark skin tones such as those having a Hispanic of African ancestry should be wearing a lighter eyeshadow color that will help to enhance their eyes rather than a dark eyeshadow color which blends in and does nothing to bring attention to their eyes. Conversely women with light colored skin tone should favor the darker colors to help draw attention to their eyes. Tip #3: Avoid Matching Eyeshadow To Clothing For some strange reason many women feel that it is essential to try and match their eyeshadow to the color of their clothing. For example if wearing a red dress, then they will want to wear some red eyeshadow to help compliment their dress. Unfortunately the end result of this type of matching is not very favorable and may make the woman look like she is part of a circus act. So the lesson here is to avoid falling into the trap of trying to match your eyeshadow with your clothing. It is just not worth the effort and you may end up looking rather silly. Tip #4: The Applicator When applying eyeshadow it is important to invest in a good quality applicator. Cheap, flimsy applicators will often just smear the eyeshadow giving the appearance that you just painted it on rather than looking natural. The same problem may occur if you do not use a clean applicator. Another reason for using a clean applicator is that you avoid the risk of mixing colors. So for example if you put on green eye makeup the previous day and then decide on blue eyeshadow today, you may end up with a brown color instead due to the mixing of the old green residue and the new blue. Tip #5: Don't Over Do It As we have already discussed the main purpose behind using eyeshadow is to compliment the natural color of your eyes. Secondly it should also compliment the color of your skin tone. You want to avoid drawing unwanted attention to yourself because you look silly or trashy. So when learning how to apply eyeshadow you need to look for that delicate balance between not enough and too much. In most cases, error on the side of caution to avoid too much eyeshadow unless you want to look like a clown. Tip #6: Special Effects Many women try to obtain a shadow effect with their eyeshadow by applying two different shades of eyeshadow. It is important not to use the same colors on the same places For example when using two shades of blue eyeshadow, the lighter blue must be applied from your crease to the brow but not directly on the crease. The darker blue eyeshadow is then applied to the crease. Don't forget to check to see that your applicator is clean to avoid color mixing and ensure that you don't put too much eyeshadow on. Tip #7: The Eyelid Many women forget to apply eyeshadow to their eyelids since it is difficult to do. The eyelids are an important part of the overall effect and must not be neglected. For this task you will want to use a medium-tone color based on the eyeshadow color that you have been using up to this point. Tip #8: Art Of Blending Once you have reached the stage where you have all of your eyeshadow correctly applied the task is still not done. Next comes the blending stage which is a very important part of learning how to apply eyeshadow since if done incorrectly you will end up with a mess. It is essential that you only lightly brush over all the areas that you have applied the eyeshadow to create a blended effect. Should you encounter a situation where you are having to deal with too much eyeshadow, never try to wipe it away. Rather make use of a cotton swap and gently blot the excess eyeshadow to remove it. Following these 8 basic tips on how to apply eyeshadow will give you a great start to working effectively with your eyeshadow. As a beginner just learning how to apply eyeshadow properly you may experience some frustration at first. Don't give up! You will get better and better with practice.
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