Biuty Lash flourishing is your first choice(Biuty Lash is a professional wholesale lashes suppliers, eyelash extensions suppliers,with 10 years experience in manufacturing strip lash.

How can I get mobile eyelash extensions sample?
You can get sample from Qingdao XinRong Co., Ltd before you commit to buying. Please rest assured, we have enough stock of product ready for you. Each our mobile eyelash extensions is perfectly produced which may cause you in a difficult dilemma choosing products. There is a guideline: You can inquire our customer service team about products that you exactly need. When you are browsing our website, you may fill out related information about which product sample you want or send us an email to us.  

XinRong is fully regarded as a powerful company in the field of natural looking strip lashes. The natural looking eyelash extensions series has become a hot product of XinRong. The product is shrinkage resistant. During the fabric pre-treatment stage, the fabrics have been shrunk already to prevent further shrinkage. XinRong offers a wide selection of products suitable for the needs of every eyelash extension master. This product is meant for a good night’s sleep, which means that one can sleep comfortably, without feeling any disturbances during movement in their sleep. we offers full support in developing high-quality eyelash products under your private label.

we will always be dedicated to excellence in our work. Please contact us!
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