High quality false eyelashes, material can be said to be the top priority. False eyelashes are composed of two parts: hair and stem, so its hair is the appearance, and we can also most

by:Biuty Lash     2020-04-13
1. Animal hair in simple terms, animal hair is made of false eyelashes extracted from animals. Compared with fiber eyelashes, it is messy, but because it is extracted from animals, it is very similar to the human body's own hair, with a little grease and a sense of gloss. Different animal hair, its stiffness and waterproof degree are different, mink hair comes with natural curl, very close to our true eyelashes, but when it meets water, the curl degree will decrease. Horse hair is relatively stiff, waterproof effect is good, but softness is slightly weak. Fox fur and bird fur are mostly used in stage performances and are often used to decorate those exaggerated eye makeup. 2, artificial hair, synthetic eyelashes are the most commonly used false eyelashes, which are made of chemical fiber synthesis and weaving. Its hair quality is slightly heavier, and it is easy to collapse its own eyelashes after makeup. The false eyelashes synthesized by protein fiber are much softer than the false eyelashes synthesized by artificial fiber, with a certain degree of curl and shape, light material and will not collapse their eyelashes. Fiber eyelashes have weak water absorption, so they are not easy to deform when exposed to water. When burnt, it will give off a plastic smell and then form hard lumps. When selecting fiber eyelashes, it is also necessary to know whether its hair is sharpened. The sharpened false eyelashes give people a higher degree of refinement and simulation, while the ones that are not sharpened seem to have been cut off. At present, the most popular are synthetic eyelashes and protein fiber eyelashes, followed by mink hair. The specific introduction is as follows: 1. Synthetic eyelashes: compared with the other two eyelashes, synthetic eyelashes are harder, but their curl and shape are better. After grafting, it can obviously reflect the effect of ciliary. 2, protein fiber eyelashes: this kind of eyelash is the closest to the natural eyelashes, relatively soft, with a certain shape and curl degree, the grafting effect is very natural. 3. Mink fur: this is an extremely soft eyelash, but the circulation on the market is relatively small. After grafting, in addition to making eyelashes thick and long, it is also very soft and comfortable. 1, hot with hot water, mink hair is easy to deform, fiber hair is not easy to deform. 2, burning, mink hair has the taste of burning hair, and after burning, kneaded into powder by hand, the fiber has the taste of burning plastic, after burning like a pimple is not broken. 3. The mink hair is made into a single dense line without fiber. 4. Look at the hair scales with a microscope. There are hair scales in mink hair and no fibers. 1. Clip your eyelashes and brush a layer of mascara. If possible, draw eyeliner first. 2. The mirror is set to yourself. First, put the false eyelashes on the eyes with your hand and compare the length. Then use the special small scissors to trim the length of the eyes. 3. Hold the fake eyelashes with a clip, then stick a proper amount of glue, and then stick the fake eyelashes on the eyelids 1. 1 points after half dry. 4. Gently press the false eyelashes with the grip handle to fix the correct position. Gently turn the false eyelashes up with your hand to make it more warped. 5. Draw black eyeliner to cover the marks of sticky false eyelashes. 6. After sticking, comb the true and false eyelashes together with mascara, which will have the effect of faking the true.
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