Grafting eyelashes can make our eyes look much better, and the eyes will be very magical without eye makeup. Grafting eyelashes and eyelashes are also thick and curly, with eye makeup effect, many people will correct them

by:Biuty Lash     2020-03-10
After grafting eyelashes, eyeliner can be drawn. After grafting eyelashes, false eyelashes and true eyelashes are integrated, which is more natural and can be painted with eyeliner to enhance the aesthetic effect of the eyes. Generally, after drawing eyeliner, your eyes will become more energetic and bigger. If it is necessary to draw eyeliner after grafting eyelash, it is better to use liquid eyeliner, which can reduce the difficulty of makeup removal. Generally, the eyeliner is drawn above the root of the eyelashes, close to the position of the root of the eyelashes. If it is a single eyelid, the line should be thinner, and the inner double or double eyelids can be relatively thicker, the lower eyeliner is generally 1/3 of the eye tail. First of all, you can clearly tell MM that grafting eyelashes can be made up, but there are several points that need your attention. First, try to wear light makeup, do not apply mascara, because mascara will affect the effect of grafting eyelashes. If the grafted false eyelashes fall during walking or work, or the wrong makeup causes the grafted eyelashes to become uneven, the loss outweighs the gain! Second, keep the grafted eyelashes clean. If the eye shadow or foundation is accidentally attached to the eyelashes, wipe it carefully with a wet tissue or cotton swab. If the eyelashes are obviously soiled due to make-up and foundation, gently wipe them with eyelash cleaning water. However, no matter which method is adopted, the movement must be kept gentle. Otherwise, it will reduce the glue adhesion of grafted eyelashes and accelerate the shedding of grafted eyelashes. Third, when using eyeliner, should choose a more gentle eyeliner products. Because of the choice of hard pen or eyeliner, it will cause the burden of eyelashes, rub the roots of eyelashes, and then cause the grafted eyelashes to fall off easily. As long as not eye skin is very sensitive or easy to inflammation of the eyes, can consider grafting eyelashes. The grafting price varies according to the material and number of false eyelashes selected. In terms of material, it is recommended to choose a relatively soft, slender, so that the damage to their eyelashes is small, and can be kept longer after grafting. You can ask the technician to take out some false eyelashes she introduced, look at them yourself, touch the softness, and then make a decision. When choosing the number of roots, don't blindly pursue density. If you graft multiple false eyelashes on one eyelash, it will do great harm to your eyelashes. At present, many stores recommend a single grafting method to minimize the damage to eyelashes. However, if your eyelashes are rare, you can consider grafting two eyelashes on some eyelashes. After all, the choice of grafting is for the beauty after completion. If it is sparse, the effect will definitely not satisfy you. These details should be carefully discussed with technicians first and selected according to the actual situation of eyelashes. In addition to the material and number of roots, you also need to select the shape (Eye tail lengthened type, eye lengthened type and natural type), Curl degree and length (1 cm, 1. 1cm ……)Wait, these vary from person to person. Choose according to the characteristics of your eyes and the effect you want to present. Generally speaking, if the eyes are not long enough, you can choose the eye tail lengthened type, which can not only adjust the eye shape well, but also enhance the charming feeling. If the double eyelid is relatively narrow or the distance between the eyebrows and eyes is relatively narrow, it is not recommended to choose too curly. For professional women, too long false eyelashes will appear unnatural and reduce your professional level in the workplace. Therefore, when making a choice, make a rational judgment according to your own situation, instead of blindly pursuing length, density and warping. If your eyelashes become crisscross and messy, remember not to pull your eyelashes by hand, otherwise, not only the grafted eyelashes will be pulled down, but also the natural eyelashes will be pulled off by you. It is recommended to use an eyelash brush and carefully comb your eyelashes from the root to the tail. Because most beauty salons put false eyelashes on your own eyelashes, usually false eyelashes will be taken off with the cycle of your own eyelashes falling off. There will also be the phenomenon that false eyelashes fall off from true eyelashes. However, some of the glue for grafting eyelashes is not good enough, causing your own eyelashes to fall off at all, but the false eyelashes lie down, and then your eyelashes may fall off with you. The use of special eyelash reinforcement liquid can effectively remove the dust on the eyelashes, clean the oil stains on the eyelashes, and promote the rapid growth of the eyelashes. The natural plant gum can make the grafted eyelashes firmer and straighter.
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