For example, here is a single eyelid, and then there are often male characters. I would like to ask you if there is anything that can support double eyelids for male characters?

by:Biuty Lash     2020-02-29
You can search directly on Taobao, keywords, Daily Natural false eyelashes, more recommended Taiwan handmade (Here is also often out of the swollen eyelids of male characters) The double feeling here is actually useful for lace double eyelid stickers. In fact, you can cut it yourself. You can search for keywords: The eye tail is lengthened and naturally hard, similar to the picture, the qwq hard stem, which is still relatively natural, is easier to hold up the double eyelids, and then the lace double eyelid sticker can be pasted before pasting the eyelashes. If one layer cannot hold up, the two layers can be pasted, then stick false eyelashes again and the effect will be very good ,( If you don't have double eyelids after pasting the double eyelid patch, you can paste the false eyelashes to see if you can hold it up, generally you can) From the experience of a double swollen eyelid for many years, it is a shop specializing in selling eyelashes and fake hair. The owner of the shop is super good and the quality of eyelashes is good. This! Unlimited repurchase
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