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1.Q:Are you a manufacture?
A:We are definitely 100% manufacturer. Please kindly check below picture from our Our factory ID has been proved by Alibaba company, and they will never lie.
2.Q:Do you supply custom packaging and accept OEM?
A:Yes, sure. We can print your logo and design and use for your oders.
3.Q:How do I look after my volumes?
A:If your eyelashes extensions not too curl after three weeks ,then you have probably been touching,rubbing,playing,pulling them too much.Minimal contact with your volumes will allow them to have a longer life cycle. Doing all of the above may also cause you to damage your natural lashes.Yes, application is also a factor but you still need to look after your volumes if you want them to stay the course. Be gentle when you wash them,brush them and when you sleep. Your fingers have oils and not to mention plenty of germs so stop touching your eyelashes :)
4.Q:How many of materials for eyelashes do you have?
A:Different materials we can provided , such as mink fur , synthetic fiber , faux mink ,etc.
5.Q:Do you supply free samples?
A:Yes, of course , but I am afraid you should bear the shipping cost .
6.Q:Do you supply custom packaging ?
A:Yes, sure . We can customize packaging with your logo and brand, You just need to send the logo, and we will make the design,confirm,print and use for your lash orders.
7.Q:How do you get the mink fur?
A:It is collected when minks fall their hair every year.
8.Q:Can you provide drop-shipping ?
A:Yes, sure , we can ship order to your clients directly.
9.Q:How do you ship the goods and how long does it take to arrive?
A:Usually we use DHL , UPS , ARAMEX and DPEX according to different country , 3-5 days and 4-9 days have different shipping cost.
10.Q:How many times can strip eyelashes be used?
A: 20-30 times in proper and gentle way.
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