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Fanfare For The Faint

by:Biuty Lash     2020-05-29
Wrote another sad song It would seem heartache's all I know Not that I'm a mess in everything But it may just be what I do best Feels a bit strange to say such a thing But the feelings run so deep While we're on the subject of it I do feel there's a purpose to this Just not entirely sure what it is Hope it falls on me before the hurt closes in Cause I can feel so much with a passing glance A half smile and a hint of sin The joys of a confident man Just as well, the defeat of the forgotten The depth is truly breathtaking Don't need a drug to enhance it I could surely fall away Let it sweep me off my feet Give in to loneliness But I think maybe the purpose is Just to stand defiant of it To stare it down, not give an inch Get on my knees in defense And find the strength to live again Share what it means to truly love Give until there's nothing left Shed light on a darkened soul Make him feel again all that he's lost Speak a few words of truth Give a gift he never knew So he can turn it round again And spread the fire that was given That's really all I value in life Everything else is just noise Far from perfect but I do what I can As mentioned I'm a broken man But that's where I find beauty In the humble things The genuine smile of defeat Because you'll never really own anything You gained without being on your knees And nothing shines quite like love It's the most precious thing I own I know most won't understand They'll pass it off as a hollow rant The many words of ignorance And the babbling of little circumstance But I'll keep getting to my feet Do my best to turn a cheek Because I know all too well where they're at I often find myself where they stand And that you see is the beauty in it Love understands we're all imperfect We only fail when we walk away Not seeing ourselves in those ugly things One last thought before we end In case you doubt what's been spoken Look next time at what surrounds Find a need you can own Give yourself without expecting back And the doubts will fade in the light of it
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