False eyelashes should be familiar to everyone. False eyelashes are a kind of cosmetics that are very popular and loved by everyone. Many people like to stick false eyelashes when making eye makeup.

by:Biuty Lash     2020-03-23
STET1: first, take out a false eyelash, put the false eyelash on the eye, and calculate the appropriate length STET2: cut off the excess parts at both ends of the false eyelash, and keep the fiber length of the false eyelash STET3: squeeze the glue onto the back of the hand, then dip the glue on the bottom of the tweezers and scrape it on the eyelash stem. Pay attention to the two ends of the false eyelashes to put a little more glue, because the two ends are easy to stick up STET4: wait for 30 seconds, let it dry, so that the viscosity will be stronger, and now it will slide everywhere. While waiting, you can clip your eyelashes first. In this way, the true false eyelashes can have the same Radian STET5: The main point of wearing false eyelashes is to raise the chin and turn the false eyelashes up. Put the eyelashes above your eyelashes first, just put them away, and don't stick them on STET6 first: then use tweezers to hold the end of the false eyelashes and stick them, then hold the front end and stick them. Press the false eyelashes inward with your fingers to ensure that the middle part is also stuck together STET7: then scrape the false eyelashes upward with your fingers so that the eyelashes are upward, the eyes will also be bigger and more divine 1. Clip. Single bunch of false eyelashes is absolutely indispensable. With the help of clips, false eyelashes stick more conveniently and quickly. 2, small scissors. The whole row of false eyelashes just bought must be trimmed to fit the eye shape, and the delicate small scissors can be trimmed accurately. Steps (1) Apply a little adhesive on the edge of false eyelashes, because both ends are easy to fall off, the dosage should be slightly more, pay attention to the adhesive not to stick on false eyelashes. (2)Apply a layer of eyelash glue along your eyelashes. Before applying the adhesive, measure the length of the eyes. If it is too long, you need to trim the false eyelashes. When applying the adhesive, use tweezers to hold the false eyelashes and apply them carefully. Be careful to apply them carefully and evenly. When the adhesive is dry, the adhesive force is the strongest. After about 5 seconds, when the adhesive is quick to dry, the false eyelashes should be bent to make it soft. Then, the eyes face the mirror, adjust the angle of the false eyelashes, and gently press the false eyelashes along the eyelash root. Press with your hand for about 10 seconds to completely knead the true false eyelashes. It is worth noting that the adhesive has the strongest binding force when it is dry, is transparent on the skin, and has good effect. If the adhesive is not dry, it will stick up, and the false eyelashes will sag if they do not stick firmly. Repeated several times, the adhesive will become white, so we have to use eyeliner to cover it. All say natural, natural, you will let go of those dances big thick! Then there are many kinds of eyelash lengths, so you can choose one that is longer than your own length according to your own situation. If you want to grow against the sky at once, it will not be discovered? Everyone is blind all night. Compared with clustered false eyelashes, crossing will be more natural. The transparent stem is invisible and the cotton stem is comfortable. It depends on your own choice. 1. Get false eyelashes in the beauty salon. Their glue doesn't know what glue it is. When it is glued, the eyes are really super sour. I don't know if you have this experience. On the Internet, industrial glue and 502 were used. This is an eye, which is outrageous. 2. Where did you get the hair on the false eyelashes. The little editor checked online. I was really shocked. Pig hair and dog hair will be used. I thought I could get by with hair or something. Those animal hair, eyes but not strange. 3, false eyelashes for a long time, eyelashes fell down and broke. Pull out the fallen eyelashes, you don't know which one is true and which one is false, right. It's really super difficult. Sticking false eyelashes to real eyelashes can really hurt people.
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