False eyelashes can not be washed with water, because there are a lot of bacteria in the water, wash and then stick to the eyes, may make the eyes allergic. Even clean water will not work, it will make you

by:Biuty Lash     2020-04-09
False eyelashes are a kind of beauty products, which are used in the eyes and show the elf-like temperament between the lashes. They are specially designed to be transparent and completely shoot the color of colored eyelashes on the face, makes you look just like a beautiful doll. Many fashionable women like to beautify their eyes with false eyelashes. Correct use will make their eyes lovely. Although the false eyelashes are slender and exquisite, they are very fragile. Therefore, special care should be taken when using them. Especially when you take it off, you must be careful, otherwise the new eyelashes you just bought will become disposable. However, the effect of reusing too many times is not very good, and you must make clear the rules for its use. Only in this way can your eyes look big and beautiful, with the feeling of stars and sea.
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