False eyelashes can make the eyes look bigger and more charming, and the degree of curling can also fit the eyelashes and look more attractive

by:Biuty Lash     2020-04-02
False eyelashes existed in ancient Egypt and ancient Rome. Eyelashes were once considered to be the most attractive symbol. After the birth of false eyelashes, more and more people also pursued eyelashes. In 1916, a film director used real human hair to make false eyelashes for the needs of film and television production. Later, a British model set off a wave of sticking false eyelashes, more people know the existence of false eyelashes. In the later period, the types of false eyelashes begin to become more and more, the shape and color are also different, and the applicable occasions are also different. But no matter what kind of false eyelashes, after the paste can make the eyes 'talk', charming eyes are enough to capture the soul. Later, many people were not satisfied with Sticking false eyelashes, hoping to make false eyelashes grow on their faces forever, and the technology of grafting eyelashes was also born. In general, the initial false eyelashes are just to show the charm of women, but now the false eyelashes pay more attention to practicality, more fit people's eye shape, and also make the eyes look big and charming.
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