False eyelashes are one of the common cosmetics. False eyelashes will make the whole eye look full of electricity, which everyone likes to use when making up

by:Biuty Lash     2020-03-24
1, long-term false eyelashes are not good; 2, false eyelashes need glue bonding, glue is not good will hurt the eyelids, eyelashes, serious will cause keratitis, blepharitis, red and swollen eyes, not only affect the appearance is very bad for the body, long-term sticking will cause the eyelid because of redness and peeling, so that the skin around the eyes have wrinkles, serious will also lead to blindness; 3, you can buy some eyelash growth liquid or use vitamin E, apply 3 times a day at the root of the eyelashes, eyelashes are best grown during sleep at night, about more than a month will see the effect. The key is that you must use glue when pasting. Those glues are very irritating to the eye skin, and the eye skin is the thinnest and most fragile, another thing is that when removing makeup, pulling there often will cause the eye skin to relax. You think about how horrible it is to loose the upper eyelid, not to scare you, many people often use false eyelashes and double eyelid adhesive tape, so use less. It is also OK to Brush Mascara and use eyelash repair liquid. It is naturally the most beautiful. For false eyelashes, the harder the material, the less likely it is to deform, and the more times it will be reused. On the contrary, the softer the more easily deformed, the less repeated use. For example, false eyelashes made of nylon plastic can be reused more than 20 times if properly maintained; However, it can be used about 5 times if the fake eyelashes of cotton thread and real hair texture are properly maintained. In order to prolong the service life of false eyelashes, MM must also pay attention to their maintenance. Try not to draw eye shadow and mascara on false eyelashes when making up at ordinary times. Otherwise, false eyelashes will become dirty and difficult to clean. In addition, you can't violently tear off false eyelashes when removing makeup, so false eyelashes are likely to be sacrificed bravely once. False eyelashes are often ignored in makeup. Some people think that it is unnecessary to stick false eyelashes, and it will be ugly if it is not good, but in fact, sticking false eyelashes can make the eyes bigger, more God. Many people are very upset that the steps of pasting false eyelashes are very complicated and difficult to do well. In the first step, the length of the General false eyelashes will exceed the length of our eyeliner. At this time, we must first measure the length of the eyes and cut off the excess part of the false eyelashes. The second step is that the false eyelashes are ready at this time. At this time, Glue should be applied to the glue of the false eyelashes. At this time, pay attention to the glue at both ends as much as possible, because the glue at both ends will fail because of our facial expressions in daily life, we must stick it firmly when sticking both ends to prevent embarrassing things from happening. After applying the glue, wait 30 seconds before sticking it to your eyes, which will be firmer. The third step is to pay attention to the position of the ready-to-stick when sticking, and then slowly stick it with tweezers. If there is any place to stick and eyeliner, don't panic, just fill it with eyeliner and the like.
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