False eyelashes are a very common makeup product in our daily life. Many people have the habit of sticking false eyelashes. False eyelashes can effectively enlarge both eyes and make them.

by:Biuty Lash     2020-02-20
1. Single cluster false eyelashes-Gentle style 2. False eyelash tweezers 3. Eyelash Curler 4. False eyelash glue 5. Day throwing small box (Used to hold false eyelash glue, easy to dip) Specific steps: the first step: first use the eyelash curler to clip the eyelashes, so that the original relatively drooping eyelashes have a certain radian, so that the subsequent single cluster will not be pressed down, resulting in no natural curling. Step 2: Hold the false eyelashes with the tweezers and get the glue. Note that the amount of glue does not need too much. After a little drying, gently place it in the position to be pasted. After sticking, use the tweezers to top it up, fix the angle of the curling slightly. You can start from the eye, but remember to set aside about 1cm of the eye, otherwise it will be a little fake. Step 3: When you reach the position of the eyeliner 2/3, you can stick a longer single cluster. It should be noted that each cluster is placed. After the single cluster stands firmly, it will be raised to maintain the curl degree. Step1. 2. Use tweezers to hold the extra ciliary stem on both sides of the eyelashes, gently remove the eyelashes, be careful not to destroy the shape of the eyelashes. Step3. Remove excess residual glue from eyelash root with nails step4. Before off eyelashes two extra tou ming geng step5. Put the eyelashes on the upper eyelid and compare the eye length step6. If it is too long, cut off the long part ( The front is short and the rear is long, the middle is long and the two sides are short)Step7. Bend eyelashes up and down to make eyelash stems softer step8. Apply glue to the root of eyelashes and wait for 10-20 seconds to let the glue half dry. ( Try to apply it on the outside of the stem, so that the eyelashes are easy to stick up)Step9. During the waiting period, we will clip our eyelashes as much as possible. Step10. Hold eyelashes in one hand, and stick them on the eyelids above your eyelashes in the order of middle, Eye head and eye tail with tweezers in the other hand. (Try to be close to the true eyelashes)Step11. Adjust the angle when the glue is not completely dry (The middle is adjusted upward, and the eye tail is pressed downward)Step12. Fill the eyeliner vacancy and glue marks with eyeliner. Step13. Hold the lower eyelash with tweezers and fix it in the middle of the lower eyelid (Lower eyelashes are attached to their own eyelashes)Step14. Stick the Eye head part step15. 16. Eyelashes can be slightly vacated to make the eyes look bigger. In this way, the steps of wearing false eyelashes are completed. 1. To cut eyelashes, you must trim the false eyelashes according to your eye shape. First, you must determine the position of the eye head and then trim the most suitable length. However, one thing to note is that it cannot be trimmed too long at one time. 2. Apply glue, apply a proper amount of glue directly to the root of the false eyelashes, and when the church is quick-drying, bend the false eyelashes directly, so as to make the eyelashes look softer, more realistic. It is worth noting that it is best to choose glue with better quality, which can ensure the quality and the effect of pasting will be better. 3. Start pasting, stick false eyelashes directly to the root of eyelashes, and then stick them in the order of middle, Eye head and eye tail. And press and fix it well, so the effect will be more realistic. Four, eyeliner fusion false eyelashes some people may show white adhesive when sticking false eyelashes. At this time, we need to use eyeliner to cover these parts, make eyelashes look more natural and realistic. Five, eye shadow to this step girls can't just end, still need follow-up work! Only in this way can eyelashes be more perfect and black eye shadow be selected to cover unnatural parts. The method is to use dark eye shadow to make the false eyelashes look more suitable and make the makeup look more natural after the above steps. Step 1: Prepare a box of loose powder and a dry eyelash brush. Dip the loose powder with an eyelash brush. Step 2: tap the body of the eyelash brush on the powder box to shake off the excess powder on the brush head. Step 3: Use the eyelash brush to evenly brush the powder on the eyelashes. Step 4: change the angle brush to let loose powder surround eyelashes. Step 5: Then brush a layer of thick and long mascara, and brush more powder to make eyelashes thicker. Step 6: Brush Mascara on the lower eyelashes to make your eyelashes look like SD dolls and the whole person looks bright. After two moves, have you learned the skill of using eyelashes to make your eyes bigger? Such obvious effect, you go and try it!
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