Eyes are the windows of the soul. Having a pair of charming Big Eyes is the dream of many girls. However, it is too difficult for girls with small eyes, and false eyelashes can help

by:Biuty Lash     2020-03-27
First, use the eyelash curler to make the eyelash curler warped, then cut the false eyelashes into the length you need, and apply the eyelash glue to the root. The two ends can be applied more because they are easy to fall off. After the glue is half dry, look down with your eyes, hold the eyelashes with tweezers or hands, stick them up from the middle, press both ends, and then tidy up the shape of the false eyelashes while the eyelashes are unshaped, make false eyelashes look more natural. Finally, you can use the eyeliner to modify the glue part. If you want to fully integrate the false eyelashes into the real eyelashes, you can brush a layer of mascara. Warm Reminder, compared with the tufted false eyelashes, the crossing will be more natural, the transparent stem will be invisible, and the cotton stem will be comfortable. You can choose the one that suits you according to your own needs. For the little fairies who are not familiar with the false eyelashes, they are skilled to try it a few times, and the false eyelashes can be reused many times. The ordinary false eyelashes are generally used up to 5- 6 times, of course, if you have glue on your false eyelashes, or cosmetics such as mascara, it is best to clean them immediately, so as not to affect the service life of false eyelashes. For cosmetics contaminated on false eyelashes that cannot be cleaned, it can be soaked in makeup remover, then washed with clear water, and finally placed in a cool and dry place, on the whole, the harder the material is, it should not be deformed. The most repeated use. On the contrary, the softer the more appropriate the deformation, the less repeated use. However, when removing the false eyelashes, go and don't tear them directly, because the false eyelashes are pasted together with your eyelashes, and it is easy to tear your eyelashes off, moreover, after a long time, the eyelids will relax, so when removing the false eyelashes, use a cotton swab to dip a proper amount of eye makeup remover and gently rub it on the root of the false eyelashes, false eyelashes will naturally fall off. When buying false eyelashes, don't buy inferior products cheaply, otherwise it will cause irreversible damage to your eyes. If you can, try to wear false eyelashes as little as possible, because the glue that pastes the eyelashes will block the hair follicles at the root of our eyelashes, sweat cannot be ruled out, which will easily lead to eyelash shedding. In fact, in addition to sticking false eyelashes, there are other ways to make eyelashes longer and more warped. Use a cotton swab to dip the overnight tea, apply it to the root of the eyelashes, once in the morning and evening, you can also use the cotton swab to dip the solution in the vitamin E capsule, so that the eyelashes can fully absorb the nutrition and promote growth.
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