Eyelashes consist of eyelash stalks and hairs. In the process of makeup, what makes many beautiful girls love and hate is false eyelashes. Love it because it is posted

by:Biuty Lash     2020-04-19
The eyelashes of the cotton thread stem are folded in half and knotted on the stem made of black cotton thread. The false eyelashes of this weaving method have good softness, high upper eye comfort and are not easy to open glue, however, after tearing, the stem is easy to bend and deform, and the reuse rate is low. The black cotton thread stem has the effect of eyeliner. The eyelashes of the transparent stem are folded in half and knotted on the transparent stem similar to the fishing line. The makeup effect is the best. It is convenient to cut a bunch of stickers. After tearing it, it can maintain the original Radian. The softness is stronger than the false eyelashes of the cotton stem, the disadvantage is that it is easier to fall off and tilt up. The eyelashes of woven stems are arranged one by one and stick to the strip-shaped flat stems. It is hard but has good support and has the strongest shaping effect. Generally speaking, I can choose cotton thread and transparent stem everyday. U I prefer transparent stem everyday because it is more natural, but if it is easy to edema or swollen eyelids, or wearing eyelids with false eyelashes that are easy to step on, woven stems may be more suitable, because it has the strongest support, and fairies with sensitive eyelids are not suitable for weaving stems, eye head and eye tail are easy to poke.
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