Eyelash grafting has been very hot in recent days, like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. Both nail shops and barbershops have used eyelash grafting as a new product

by:Biuty Lash     2020-02-27
The training course mainly teaches a variety of grafting techniques. Here are some skills for you to get out of school quickly. First of all, we should know that false eyelashes have different lengths, thicknesses and warps. In terms of shape, they are arranged according to the customer's eyes with eyelashes of different lengths. Common are fan-shaped and Feiyang-shaped, common eyelash type one: fan-shaped, fan-shaped for large and round eyes. Usually the eyes are larger but the eyelashes are less, which will make the eyes look listless, causing a situation where the eyes are big and godless. We graft eyelashes in the shape of a folding fan. The middle of the eyelashes is long and the two sides are short, making the eyes look big and magical, and the Barbie is more cute! The second common type: Flying type, flying type is grafted along the direction of eyelash growth, the number of eyelashes gradually increases, from short to long, the number increases, lengthening at the end of the eye, improve the outline of the eye, show the feminine and more charming. The specific operation can be done with 5-point positioning. First find 5 points on the eyelashes as a reference. In the row of eyelashes of different lengths, the outline of the eyelashes will be very good-looking. The specific length of the match will be done according to the effect the customer wants. In addition to the shape, another is thick, the density of eyelashes is directly proportional to the number of grafted roots, thickness, curl degree, specific style matching design. This is what everyone said about Barbie, super thick Barbie, 3D6D. Needless to say, the greater the warps, the more exaggerated the eyelashes look, and the thicker the eyelashes are, the thicker they are, for example, 0. 15 and 1 eyelash, there is 0. 10 The effect of connecting two. What we need to do is to match these warps, thicknesses and roots according to the needs of the guests. With 0. 10- C eyelashes, for example, natural wind, 70 or so eyes, a true eyelash above a false eyelash, thick wind, 100 eyes, one real eyelash is connected to one false eyelash, which is thick and has 120 or eyes respectively. One eyelash is connected to 2 or 3 eyelashes. If you want to be thicker, you can also do it, use 0. 05 or 0. The eyelashes of 07 are connected, and a true eyelash can be connected to 4-5 false eyelashes. It should be noted that not every real eyelash needs to be connected, and the number of eyelashes in Asians is 70 ~ 120, and the eyelashes are also divided into several layers. We graft the healthy middle and do the following layer to pick up, and the tiny fluff is easy to fall off and hurt the real eyelashes. Friends who want to learn eyelash grafting must learn eyelash grafting correctly. It is best to receive formal training and choose a professional and formal ciliary training institution, do not learn grafting eyelashes from informal and unprofessional training institutions; Customers should also choose a safe, regular and professional eyelash store to graft eyelashes, which will bring you beauty, moving, safety and comfort. Don't blindly graft eyelashes because of the low price! Students who teach themselves the beautiful eyelashes often violate these misunderstandings: 1. Several false eyelashes are grafted on one eyelash, and the customer's eyelashes will not be able to bear the weight of several false eyelashes. It won't be long before, there will be a situation of staying. 2. False eyelashes stick together, causing the customer's eyelashes to stick together. Everyone's eyelashes have a growth cycle. If they stick together, eyelashes are growing, the growth speed is different, which will cause eyelashes to pull each other, and then there will be some pain; Or can not stand, the customer will be accustomed to their own hands to pull out the eyelashes, so there will be due to the eyelash growth rate. 3, the glue is used for too much glue that is directly left on the skin, the customer will feel the feeling of foreign body, the feeling of pricking eyes. Because glue blocks pores, it may cause eyelid inflammation.
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