Everyone has a love of beauty, but he is worried about the minor troubles brought about by beauty. Such as grafting false eyelashes, worried about natural eyelashes will fall off? Worried about after grafting

by:Biuty Lash     2020-03-14
Will grafting false eyelashes be harmful? The truth turns out to be so! The grafting process will be very uncomfortable? The process is really completely painless, even if you wear contact lenses, you don't have to worry about it, and you won't feel uncomfortable at all! The beautician will help you massage around the eyes before doing it, even you can sleep beautifully, and when you wake up, you will have a pair of beautiful electric eyes! Grafted eyelashes look unnatural? There will be this impression that most of them have not chosen the right type of grafting. Don't blindly pursue long and warped eyelashes. It certainly doesn't look natural to have more than 200 false eyelashes at a time. Generally, the beautician will choose the right type according to your eye shape and makeup habits. MM, which does not have the habit of wearing eye makeup, can choose the most natural style, and can also choose 150 to 200 roots, so it looks like natural eyelashes are very thick. After grafting, the original eyelashes will always fall off? Eyelash falling is actually a normal phenomenon. The hair on our body will fall off automatically. Of course, eyelashes are no exception, not because they affect the original eyelashes after grafting. The average life span of eyelashes is about 4 ~ In 6 weeks, we will lose a few pieces a day, but we may not notice it! Can't you wear eye makeup after grafting? It is true that eyelashes cannot be clipped or scalded after grafting. It is better not to brush mascara to avoid eyelash damage and falling. Because eyelashes are very thick and look like natural inner eyeliner, do you still need eye makeup? Even if you need it, you only need eye shadow and outer eyeliner, which is very convenient and fast. Is it troublesome to wash your face after grafting? It is normal to wash your face and hair for a week after receiving it, but you will get used to it after a week. It turns out that the truth is like this. There are many ways to become beautiful, and grafting false eyelashes can increase the charm of the eyes in a short time, which is loved by your little sisters. Please rest assured that grafting false eyelashes is not harmful, because beauty itself is a very important thing! If you are worried about grafting false eyelashes, it is still recommended to find a professional ciliary beauty teacher! Also can't live up to that love beauty heart! How much does it cost to learn from the beautiful eyelashes?
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